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Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: I was lost but now i’m found(vintage)

It’s that time again, a little bit of etsy-ness to fire up your dreary Tues. This week I came across a lovely store called Found Vintage Style. All of their stuff looks in great condition and suitably vintage. These offerings were some of my favourite housewares Found Vintage had on offer:

found vintage style

1. Luthje Denmark Cheese Board with Lid and Knife– I have SUCH a thing for vintage mod-ish kitchenwares from Denmark..The craftsmanship and wood tone is spot on. This board is $50 and is a complete set with knife and glass cover.

2. Rosti Mepal Egg Holders Set of Four – I don’t come across egg cups in the USA so much. Don’t know why…soft boiled eggs and toy soilders were such a staple when I was a kid. And this set has a nice rim to hold a pinch of salt…ahh memories. Only $24 for four!

3. Waechtersbach Large Bowl, Creamer and Sugar Bowl Red with Hearts and Dots – WOW, the fire engine red is what caught my eye here. A lovely creamer and sugar bowl with a large bowl for treats is so cute and kitsch! From Germany no less and only $50.

4. Red Enamel Pot with Stand, 2 Small Bowls and Sauce Pot Japan – This totally appeals to my vintage fondue kit searchin’ self. The complete set would be a bonus! It’s from Japan – what an international store eh?! and is priced at $48.

5. Two Large Ceramic Shakers/ Gaytime/Lord Nelson Potteries – Made in England in the sixties these ceramic salt and pepper shakers are so colourful and peace n lovin’ sixties that it would brighten up any kitchen or table..J’adore! $25 for the set!

Be sure to check out the other items in Found Vintage Style’s store..such a treat of international vintage goods that in the very least will make you smile if not move you to buy!

all images via foundvintagestyle


Pure Green Living – Issue #2 out NOW

Pure Green Living Magazine issue 2

Issue 2 of online magazine Pure Green Living went live this afternoon and is packed with some great articles and mouthwatering recipes. Pure Green Living endeavors to showcase good design that doesn’t come at a cost to the environment. If it’s unique and green, it’s in Pure Green Living. In addition to an interview with one of the best online stores – Hindsvik, my stand out faves from this issue are:


Kareen Burns gorgeous textured kitchen made from reclaimed wood and roofing tiles from an old barn. I kid you not..the results are gorgeous.

roasted golden beets and horesradish creamroasted golden beets and horseradish cream

The editor-in-chief’s husband, Jonathon MacKay whipped up a mean dish of Roasted beets and Horseradish Cream, for the Pure Green Organic Kitchen. This speaks to my love of golden beets, so you know I am bound to take a crack at this after visiting the farmers market.

Enjoy Pure Green Living here, and follow the magazines blog here for more day to day green ideas.

images from pure green living

Etsy t-t-t-tuesday: Making wish lists come true

Ahh wish lists, lust lists, want lists – whichever way you call them, they all equate to one thing: things we want and momentarily can’t have. Either due to budget constraints or availability.

A few weeks back I posted an Indoor Garden Party moodboard that was a wish list of sorts. I want summer to stick around a wee bit longer (thank you NY, it appears that that wish is coming true), and I wish with an unlimited budget that I could buy everything on said moodboard. But alas..budget constraints and what not.

So this week, I thought, ‘what if’ I tried to source similar items off etsy to create the same indoor/outdoor dining setting at a somewhat more available price? The alternatives were not much of a compromise and were in some cases, a lot more rustic and interesting. Check it out:

Etsy indoor garden party

1.Vintage Wolff and Reessing Anchovy Mustard Wood Crate 1888 Trademark – $58 by “>Fabuless Finds. The original crate I fashioned as a bread basket and this is no exception.

2. Poplar Round Cutting Board (Sm) – $12 by boards and beads. A suitable substitute for the placemats idea proposed in the initial moodboard.

3. Crated Glass Water Jug – $125 by serotonum soap. This totally exceeded my expectations for a vessel to carry home made soda..the crate surrounding the glass jug is just BRILLIANT. I would buy this in a HEARTBEAT!

4. Antique French Silver Cutlery and Serving Set 21 pieces – $55 by deborah shop. Such lovely scrolled detail and enough tarnish to be vintagely kewl.

5. Set of 40 Tissue Poms. Pick Your Colors – $130 by fiesta pom pom. You don’t have to get all 40, as fiesta pom pom offers lesser amounts, but using these to create a ceiling floral display would be a nice alternative to a floral table display and could be used over and over.

6. Hand Screen Printed Fabric – Yellow Belbird – $16.50 for napkins by melbomba. With a few zips zip zips of the sewing machine one could fashion their own napkins…perfect!

7. Mid Century Modern Pewter Mushroom Salt and Pepper Set – $12 by Urban Mining Co. Too cute. Nuff said.

8. Rectangle Concrete Bowl with Moss Stones – $45 by benjrs. How’s this for a center piece? This rectangle planter is brilliant, what a presence, and the moss stones instead of flowers or succulents is an interesting visual alternative.

9. Antique circa 1930s Sovereign Canada tea set – $35 from fuchsia 1. A beaut of a tea set with enough settings for 6 persons. Fragile, beautiful and classic. It makes me think of tea in the garden on a sunny English day.

10 & 11 – VINTAGE GREEN TOILE PAISLEY FLOWERS TRANSFERWARE PLATE – $13.99 by english transfareware and a variety of transferware plates from english transferware priced from $12-$30+ This store stocks a variety of great transferware plates and serving platters. A must see.

all images from respective etsy stores mentioned

Kewl things from Mr. Sparrow

I love aussie store Mr. Sparrow. Anna Macoboy, owner of Mr Sparrow, sells a carefully curated collection of curiousities that makes me want to pick up sticks and shop there. Or I can just shop from their online store!

Have a look at these items in their kitchen selection that I am totally loving:

mr sparrow kitchen inspiration

egg pantsegg pants

pop up papermats
pop mat paper mats

tray traytray tray two sided tray

bird teapotbird teapot

china bagbone china paper bag

all images from mr sparrow

Etsy T-t-t-tuesday: Fonduely yours..

Ah fondue..it’s one of those things I’ve always meant to do but never get around to it. There is something attractive about a small pot over a tiny heat source melting chocolate or cheese ( two of my favourite things ) and dipping in skewered fruits and what not..yum. Truth be told I went to a fondue party once and don’t even own a fondue pot. For shame. Thank goodness there is etsy to provide me with a wealth of options.

Orange 70s Fondue Pot

Orange 70s Fondue Pot

Nothing says old skool more than orange. An orange fondue pot with a dark handle. It doesn’t come with the skewers but that’s ok, they are easy to pick up elsewhere. Priced at $18 its not that shabby.

Vintage Set of 6 Fondue Forks

Vintage Set of 6 Fondue Forks

Case in point. This GREAT set of six fondue forks with coloured enamel tips (so you don’t mix up your fork with that of the over-salivating bloke next to you). They are $9.95 and ooze MCM / Scandinavian style!

Vintage Fantasy Fondue Set

Vintage Fantasy Fondue Set

It had me at fantasy..it had me fantasy. It’s amazing that this decorated fondue pot is in near new condition. I love the flower decal, it’s a little cheesey but in a kewl vintage way and i adore it. It’s $35 if you want it..

Vintage Mid Century Modern Fondue Set

Vintage Mid Century Modern Fondue Set

Look at these wood details!! The bobbly handle on the lid the lovely thick wooden handle on the body…and its shiny silver? Me likey.

Vintage Bright Green Fondue Set

Vintage Bright Green Fondue Set

I love the colour of this…so vivid so remarkably kewl. With a k. And only $19 bucks.

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Truly time for tea..

Dears, I am in London right now..which means my tea consumption has peaked while my coffee cravings have decreased. Unfortunately, my cake and biccie consumption has also skyrocketed, causing every trainer and nutritionist I know to cringe and shudder involuntarily. Not to worry, when I am not eating and drinking the stuff I am looking at vessels to make them in..this week in etsy is no exception.

I’m off to put the kettle on..

retro enamel tea kettle

retro enamel tea kettle

This 1970’s era enamel kettle is so bright and cheerful it made me grin. The wooden handle is such a nice touch that it could be a nice feature as a useable kettle or mere decorative piece. $30 from pica pica found.

Vintage Mid Century Modern Chrome Coffee Pot Urn with Vintage Fruit Decals and Teak Wooden Handle

Vintage Mid Century Modern Chrome Coffee Pot Urn with Vintage Fruit Decals and Teak Wooden Handle

I have to show coffee a little love.. and this urn is the perfect receptacle in which to do it. The flowers are borderline kitsch but the wooden handle and chrome body make it MCM enough to be kewl. With a 12 cup capacity I can just imagine whipping this out after a wonderful dinner with friends…oh and did I mention? Only $19..have at it my friends!

vintage OPEN BACK floral garden dress

vintage OPEN BACK floral garden dress

Rewind 7 years and I wouldn’t be posting this dress..not just because cravenmaven.com didn’t exist back then, but because I could’ve fitted into this wonderful treat back then and would NOT be offering it to anyone else to buy before me! Isn’t it the perfect tea party dress? It would go well with a hat I spied in anthropologie the other day..hmmm..$32 from allen company inc.

Modern White Teapot

Modern White Teapot

Hindsvik are so good at doing what they do that barely a week passes where I don’t see something I love in their store and +fave it. This teapot is a classic example of the good results of their carefully curating eye. Interesting curves and lines, a whimsical feel and a graphic almost superhero swoosh of a design..this is more than a teapot..its a sculpture for your high tea table. $210 my friends…enjoy it if you get it!

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday : You say Chinoiserie, I say Chinoiser-what?

I was talking to a friend the other day – trying to define my interior design style/aesthetic/preference. You would think it would be easy – but my magpie like tendencies make it exteremely difficult. My final description was ‘curiosity shoppe’ a la Paul Smith..I love vintage, I loved lived in, but I also love MCM and avant garde. My eccentric tastes apparently fit my English Persona quite well… ::grumble::

But one thing I definitely do love is Chinoiserie – a French term, signifying “Chinese-esque” that became a popular style in the late 17th century.
My bedding is Chinoiserie but what about a little Asian floralcy in the kitchen? Behold!

Brooklyn Chinoiserie Platter

Brooklyn Chinoiserie Platter

What a lovely platter. It put me in the mind of Nymolle Pottery but with an Asian twist. MayLuk has a whole bunch of these platters for sale with a variety of designs. They are such a wonderfully whimsical addition to the dinner table. The one above is priced at $48 and is available here.

Tea Box

Tea Box

Time for tea anyone? This is an example of where Chinoiserie could go either way – whimsical and relevant or just plain Grannified. I love Nana, honest I do – but this tea box is all for me. From it’s delicate little elevated feet to its peaked top – the colour, the details – its so cute. And it’s $32 here.

Jumping Koi

Jumping Koi

This piece really caught my attention for the pure reason that it is an aesthetic that I see over and over again. It brings to mind things such as the pottery of Adler or something Wearstler would have in one of her projects. Wouldn’t this make an interesting centerpiece to the dinner table? It’s $125…but oh so worth it.


Storage Containers

I remember these from when I was a kid. They housed tea leaves, sugar, and similar small dry goods. If you have a very plain kitchen, these interesting tins could make an open shelf that much more decorative. The set are on sale for $30. Get it before it’s gone..

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned