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I always take a little Muji home with me..

Friends often laugh at my Muji addiction. I’ve had it since I lived in London and relied on the store for its brandless, simple but useful stationery and notebooks. My addiction is such that I am physically incapable of walking past a Muji store and not ‘popping in for a thing or two’ even if it’s just a pen or a packet of envelopes. One would think my house would be the picture of minimalistic comfort, but one would be wrong. Neverthless, that does not stop my love for all things Muji…ahh those mysterious Japanese product stickers, how I do love thee!

muji goods

Today, however, I found myself drawn to the housewares section…where I was encouraged to buy a small wooden tray { for my late morning, afternoon and evening tea by the laptop } , a teeny roll of food wrap and a case with a serrated edge for said food wrap. I love them! The tray was a purchase born for my love of the Japanese Walnut tray on Kitka’s design blog. Such a beaut.

If you are ever in Muji, or shopping it online – do not overlook the household section. It’s full of some amazing treats! { And if anyone is looking to buy me a muji gift, I am eyeing their silicone baking molds!! }.

image by cravenmaven


Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: I was lost but now i’m found(vintage)

It’s that time again, a little bit of etsy-ness to fire up your dreary Tues. This week I came across a lovely store called Found Vintage Style. All of their stuff looks in great condition and suitably vintage. These offerings were some of my favourite housewares Found Vintage had on offer:

found vintage style

1. Luthje Denmark Cheese Board with Lid and Knife– I have SUCH a thing for vintage mod-ish kitchenwares from Denmark..The craftsmanship and wood tone is spot on. This board is $50 and is a complete set with knife and glass cover.

2. Rosti Mepal Egg Holders Set of Four – I don’t come across egg cups in the USA so much. Don’t know why…soft boiled eggs and toy soilders were such a staple when I was a kid. And this set has a nice rim to hold a pinch of salt…ahh memories. Only $24 for four!

3. Waechtersbach Large Bowl, Creamer and Sugar Bowl Red with Hearts and Dots – WOW, the fire engine red is what caught my eye here. A lovely creamer and sugar bowl with a large bowl for treats is so cute and kitsch! From Germany no less and only $50.

4. Red Enamel Pot with Stand, 2 Small Bowls and Sauce Pot Japan – This totally appeals to my vintage fondue kit searchin’ self. The complete set would be a bonus! It’s from Japan – what an international store eh?! and is priced at $48.

5. Two Large Ceramic Shakers/ Gaytime/Lord Nelson Potteries – Made in England in the sixties these ceramic salt and pepper shakers are so colourful and peace n lovin’ sixties that it would brighten up any kitchen or table..J’adore! $25 for the set!

Be sure to check out the other items in Found Vintage Style’s store..such a treat of international vintage goods that in the very least will make you smile if not move you to buy!

all images via foundvintagestyle

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: It’s Just Noey!

Just Noey has been a blog favourite for a little while now. Created by London based Parul Arora – her coasters and plates have been talked up all over and for good reason. This illustrator / animator / photographer presents her talents in a medium that defies their original purpose. Instead of a polaroid pictures, she makes polaroid ceramic coasters; plates serve as her canvas instead of a sketch pad. The result is a playful output to an everyday object.

just noey

1. C Plate…decorated with little cakes of course! – $35.50 // 2. Pink Monsta polaroid coaster – $10 // 3. M Plate – $35.50 // 4. Post a Plate – Analog Love – $28 // 5. My Cuppa Clothesline Mug – $15.60

Of course I HAD to go with plates ‘C’ and ‘M’ for my intials..and I love this particular Polaroid coaster as I adore DOMO monsters. Finally, the ‘postcard’ plate is the perfect size and layout for a sushi lunch.. I can’t wait to see what’s next from Just Noey!

all images just noey

What’s cooking my *blogships?

I’m was stricken with flu last week *cue dramatic collapse onto my fainting couch*, except it wasn’t quite that refined. I will spare you the gory details, but I am much better now – thanks for asking. Last week, some of my favourite food focused posts on the interweb included a soup recipe that should kill any cold and a potato that made me want to lick my screen. Seriously. Enjoy:

john midgley mast bros

blogroll category:designy & foodie
blog name/url: remedy quarterly
post i loved: issue 3: growing up is here!

RQ is an independently published magazine of food stories with recipes that might cure any and everything that ails you. Issue three just dropped and features photography by Michael Harlan Turkell as well as a graphic recipe for Thai ginger drink. I especially love the ‘remedy’ page on RQ’s blog, as it reminds me of my childhood when my mum would whip up some soup/tea/concoction to get rid of colds, mumps or whatever. I am paticularly intrigued about this Sopa de Aja recipe to ease the common cold.

kami mug and tray

blogroll category: designy / design housewares
blog name/url: kitka
blogger: juli & john
post i loved: tea time

I have always found things made from wood exceptionally beautiful, so you can imagine how breathless I was when I spied this tray and mug on the Kitka design blog. The wooden tray is from Mjolk’s recent Masanori Oji exhibition and is made from Japanese Walnut; the mug is available in store for $75. The natural lines and variations in tone make these items unique, textured and quite simply beautiful. However, what I love most is that John and Juli take time for tea every day which has been a ritual i’ve followed for years. I always brew a pot get out my favourite mug and nibble on my baked invention of the week. Divine!

Twice Baked Potatoes by Matt Armendariz

blogroll category: foodie
blog name/url: devour: the cooking channel blog
blogger: matt armendariz
post i loved: matt’s twice baked potatoes

There are several very particular reasons why I loved Matt’s post last week:

– During the years when I learned German ‘Zwieback’ or ‘ZweiBack’ was one of my most favourite words.
– My sister and I used to be baked potato fiends when I was a teen and our potatoes got more and more elaborately topped as we tried to out-do each other.
– Matt said that vegetarian Mexican chorizo exists. Which I didn’t know and will subsequently gorge on.
– This picture makes me want to lick my screen. Seriously.

chef john turkey meatballs

blogroll category: foodie
blog name/url: food wishes
blogger: the adorable chef john!
post i loved: Turkey Cocktail Meatballs with Orange Cranberry Glaze – A Holiday Take on One of the Most Absurd Appetizers Ever

I love Chef John’s weekly granting of foodwishes.. and this past week his recipe for Turkey Cocktail meatballs with Orange Cranberry Glaze nearly shook me off my vegetarian pedestal. It. Looks. Like. It. Tastes. Like. Dreams. When I told him so he replied that he had a “a confirmed and documented vegetarian conversion to his credit.” That Chef John…he’s a dangerous man I tell yah!

*blogships is a rip on an email I got that opened with ‘ what’s cooking my friendships?’
all images via the respective blogs mentioned

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Sweet Paul

You would’ve heard about Sweet Paul magazine on this blog before. Created and primarily styled by prop stylist Paul in Brooklyn, it is a veritable visual banquet for the discerning gastro lover.

Now you can have a piece of Sweet Paul all to yourself as an etsy shop has opened to sell the props from past photoshoots. Walk don’t run, these goods promise to sell out quickly!

sweet paul

1. Vintage painted salt jar – $12

2. Plexiglas vase from Space London – $125

3. Knitted teapot – $50

4. Vintage Pyrex polka dot mugs – $15

5. Vintage stone owl (great centerpiece vignette) – SOLD

I can’t wait to see what else comes up for sale in the future..that knitted teapot is calling me like you won’t believe!

all images sweet paul

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Ethan Ollie

I +fave and bookmark on etsy so much so that sometimes something good falls through the cracks. One such ‘something good’ is the store Ethan Ollie. The vintage wares in this store are clearly pre-loved but contain enough character to bring story to your space and not junk. I spied a few houseware pieces that got my heart racing..I hope they do the same for you.

ethan ollie

1. Mid-century Turkish pot – $30
2. Vintage handmade apple baker – $29
3. Vintage enamel pot – $20
4. Vintage Flask and case – $29
5. Vintage German wine bottle – $10
6. Vintage hand painted tray – $15

Not only are the wares lovely but the shots have a beautiful atmosphere. If you buy anything let me know…a choice few items are going on my wishlist for sure!

all images ethan ollie

Kitchen ReDesign Inspiration III

Right now I am at the stage where I am letting my newly painted kitchen {{ breathe }} before I start the proper decorating process. I believe that any object can work in any room as long as it has a practical function and feels right..So all art work is up for a move to the kitchen if its the right fix..I will know it when I feel it. In the meantime, I’m still scouring the web for some ideas of what I would love in my new kitchen. Check it out..

kitchen redesign insp II

1. Illuminated cocktail cabinet. How much of a beaut is this?! It is so perfectly decorative and vintage and the perfect solution to my want of a ‘real’ cocktail bar in my apt. (Currently sold out via Nicholas and Alistair).

2. Vintage Artwork. Like this paint by numbers inspired piece at etsy store Hindsvik – $30, only one in stock.

3. Popcorn popper. Sure the long handle makes it good for making popcorn in the fire place or campfire but it’s equally as good for those days when the stove top gas flame makes me all nervy. Find it at Terrain for $35.

4. Giraffe Cafe’s new family cookbook. I mentioned the launch of this cookbook a few months ago when I found out that my poppet was going to be in it. Giraffe makes the most yum quick breakfast and brunch so I am super curious to see what’s in their cookbook. Pre-Order now at their site for 14.99GBP…and get a 10GBP gift voucher with your book!

5. A very intriguing knife rack. This framed piece looks like a blank canvas but is actually a rather smart knife rack by Korean designer Jungmee Lee. Inspired by the artwork of Lucio Fontana the knife rack has a variety of sized slots in its ‘canvas’ to house the knives. Still a concept product..I can see it having a good practical and aesthetic use.

See how it all started here: Kitchen ReDesign Inspiration – the beginning and more here: Kitchen ReDesign Inspiration II

images by nicholas and alistair, hindsvik, terrain, giraffe and designboom