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Good enough to eat: Lover the label meets Bonne Maman Yogurt

lover the label meets bonne maman yogurts

There are very few brands that season after season produce covetous and quality handiwork. Australian brand, Lover is one such label. Helmed by a guy and girl duo, the pair consistently create work that is feminine, strong, delicate yet detailed.

Their new collection, “A Dance for One” has a ballet theme. But don’t expect tulle and flounce, rather through the choice of colour and fabric the collection reflects the elegance and grace of a ballerina.

This particular blouse and trouser caught my eye – it reminded me of the Bonne Maman apricot yogurt I saw in the latest issue of Living etc magazine. Lashing of creamy white dense yogurt atop a smooth orangey apricot base housed in a reusable ribbed glass jar. Divine!

images via lover the label and living etc


To have and BHLDN: Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet

And the final board is…a classic Shakespeare tragedy with a twist. Baz Luhrmann’s rendition of Romeo and Juliet has to be one of my favourite interpretations of the bard’s work as it was the most risky attempt at presenting 16th century literature in a modern setting and making it work.

There is a very strong theatre motif in this version of Romeo and Juliet, in large part due to Luhrmann’s history in the theatre { did you know that R&J is part of Luhrmann’s “Red Curtain Trilogy“? }, as such there is a distinct extravagance. However, this is nicely balanced against the almost fairytale youthful innocence of a young couple in love, despite family rivalry. With a setting of California, the scene is hot, colourful and a little gaudy.

baz luhrmanns romeo and juliet

The bridal elements

a. cascading goddess gown – $1600
b. feathered corsage bird veil – $300
c. pave marvel earrings – $188
d. clipped corolla heels – $200

The table setting

1. flights and fancy dinnerware – $12 – $16
2. high neck vase – $38
3. filigree spheres – $373-$973
4. helianthus goblet – $8
5. bronze age flatware – $36

see also: large frog bowl – $38, rippled champagne flute – $14 and dhalia tea towel– $24

Why it works

I picture this wedding in a massive tent, with walls of layers upon layers of flowy white fabric, much like the skirt of the cascading goddess gown. While this category could be deemed as an opportunity to be bold, the fact of the participants being a young, modern couple prevents the look from being excessive or gaudy. Instead elements of clashing metals – the filigree spheres all over the ceiling – and bright bronze slender flatware provide a ‘subtle gaudiness’ so to speak.

Bold colours in the plates, the glassware and the high neck vases make this a bright colourful yet youthful setting with a measure of 20th century elegance. The additional elements such as the frog bowl I imagine as an interesting supporting layer to a multi-tier wedding cake. The leaves on the bowl has a nice curvature that is a nod to Baroque style – a style that is reflected in the clipped corolla heels. This is a look that can be easily accented with plain white tableware to make it even more subdued or with bright colourful accents to be a little bit more audacious.

I hope you have enjoyed the To have and BHLDN series. Previous boards can be found here, here and here. I cannot wait til the BHLDN line launches it’s tablewares in May…you can be sure there will be a round up and commentary about it all here at craven maven!

all images via anthropologie, terrain and bhldn

To have and BHLDN: From India, with love

As a continuation to yesterdays punk inspired wedding borne from the launch of the new bridal one stop haven, BHLDN, today I give you part two of the series: From India, with love.

It is the love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, married as teens in 1612, whose love surpassed the confines of death and whose story has evaded the obsolescence of time. After the death of Mumtaz, a forlorn and grieving Shah erected one of the world’s most wonderful works of architechture, the Taj Mahal, as a monument and mausoleum for his beloved wife. To this day it’s curvaceous lines and outstanding beauty continues to wow the world and has made it one of the most recognised buildings of all time.

From india with love

The bridal elements

a. greenbow lace gown – $600
b. baguette halo – $140
c. brocade d’orsay heels – $350

The table settings

1. zinnia thicket plates – $12
2. nifty napkins – $32 for six
3. opalescent tumbler { in green } -$12
4. whizbang bowl – $32
5. platinum petals coupe – $14
6. rediscovered flatware – $36

see also : glass bottle and basket – $238 and bell finial cloche – $28

Why it works

This beautiful crochet dress has a keyhole in the back, a most elegant ‘cooling system’ for a wedding in a hot location. The baguette halo as headpiece and brocade d’orsay heels add an element of exoticism and sun capturing glintz.

Translated to table setting this concept brings a mixture of brightly coloured elements and patterns that are gently restrained by the shapes and facets that give a somewhat colonial feel. The zinnia plates and whizbang bowls scream with their highly saturated hues and bold pattern. They made me think of the unabashed joviality of sari colours and patterns.

By way of contrast the rediscovered flatware, inspired by vintage flatware, coupled with the platinum petals coupe contributes a regal air that feels decidedly English and formal. The honorable mentions of the bottle and basket and finial cloche { via terrain } add an old world feel to the table and make it seem like the table scape is a collection of inherited items that have traveled from back home that have mashed-up with styles newly acquired in ones new more exotic home.

all images via anthropologie and bhldn

Stylin’ picnic’ing in Vogue { almost }

vogue 2007 outtake

I came across the above 2007 Vogue outtake picture of a rather stylin’ picnic on model Coco Rocha’s blog. The shot is a perfectly heady mix of costume, eclecticism, beauty and charm { I love the little French Bulldogs! }.

It seems like last year every blog I read and person I met was determined to do one thing and one thing only before the summer was over: picnic. I blame it on the assault of a horrid winter that made us all just want to grab a blanket, some of our favourite nibbles and head for the outdoors. I picnic’ed twice, Central Park at night, and on the rocks of Brooklyn Bridge Park on a balmy afternoon. Both were so mentally and edibly refreshing.

I like to think that picnic’ing/eating outdoors is yet another way the human family is united. It doesn’t discriminate against budget, race or background – and depending on what you bring, you can make of it what you will. Goodness, I love picnics! Coming off the tail end of our fifth that’s right FIFTH blizzard you can be certain that I will be having many a picnic once this weather becomes fair!

image by steven meisel via oh so coco

Craven Maven guest post on Cellar Door Magazine Blog

cellar door guest post

Check out my guest post on the blog of stylin’ UK magazine Cellar Door. I correlate three gorgeous RTW outfits from the Spring 2011 runways with three equally mouth watering dishes. A veritable starter, mains and dessert!

Many thanks to the lovely ladies of Cellar Door for featuring my article!

screengrab via cellardoor

Good enough to eat… Asos meets Jamie Oliver’s Get-Ahead gravy

asos versus jamie oliver gravy

Ahhhh gravy. Probably one of the most basic of sauces you will ever make. Gravy in it’s simplest of forms has the power to morph a ‘blah’ dish into something exceptional. Often brown, and let’s face it, how many GREAT things in life are brown?! It’s colour, warmth and texture can be a veritable blanket of flavour.

When I came across this Asos outfit on the dressing miss dolly blog, I was stopped in my tracks. Not just because of the subtle lines and textures { yes those are mesh shoulders on the top } but because the colour instantly reminded me of good gravy. Speaking of which, this week my attention was turned to Jamie Olivers ‘get-ahead gravy’, for the most part because it includes star anise, bacon rashers, chicken wings and the optional splash of Sherry in the ingredient listing. This is the ultimate gravy if ever there was one.

Just like good quality basics that make an outfit look special, well chosen basic ingredients can push your gravy over the edge. Give the recipe a try and let me know what you think of it! I for one will be rustling up a vegetarian version.

images by asos and david loftus

Good enough to eat…Tory Burch Vs. Raspberry Blancmange

tory burch sping 2011 rtw  vs rasberry rose blancmange

Growing up, I used to bury my nose in books like The Famous Five, Secret Seven, Just William and the Malory Towers adventures. Tales of adventures, mischief and blancmange inevitably unravelled. I used to day dream about eating blancmange while solving crimes and other mysteries..ah childhood.

Therefore when I saw this gorgeous dress from Tory Burch’s Spring 2011 RTW collection, I found myself filled with nostalgia, excitement and my tongue tingling with the phantom taste of blancmange. I think it has something to do with the cascading soft pink fabric top with a definite geometric berry shade pattern along the neckline. Compare it to the rose and raspberry blancmange pictured…coincidence much? I think not.

Blancmange is not too dissimilar to panna cotta in texture and taste, but made in a decorative jelly mould. As in the case with the one pictured, adding a layer of berry blancmange makes it all the more beautiful and yummy. The ribbing in this blancmange softly mimic the folds in the skirt of the Tory Burch dress, while the geometric pattern also nods to the jelly mould shape.

I would wear this dress in a heart beat..and equally as fast make the blancmange. Let me know if you try either!

image via ny mag and homes and garden magazine.