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Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: It’s Just Noey!

Just Noey has been a blog favourite for a little while now. Created by London based Parul Arora – her coasters and plates have been talked up all over and for good reason. This illustrator / animator / photographer presents her talents in a medium that defies their original purpose. Instead of a polaroid pictures, she makes polaroid ceramic coasters; plates serve as her canvas instead of a sketch pad. The result is a playful output to an everyday object.

just noey

1. C Plate…decorated with little cakes of course! – $35.50 // 2. Pink Monsta polaroid coaster – $10 // 3. M Plate – $35.50 // 4. Post a Plate – Analog Love – $28 // 5. My Cuppa Clothesline Mug – $15.60

Of course I HAD to go with plates ‘C’ and ‘M’ for my intials..and I love this particular Polaroid coaster as I adore DOMO monsters. Finally, the ‘postcard’ plate is the perfect size and layout for a sushi lunch.. I can’t wait to see what’s next from Just Noey!

all images just noey

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Sweet Paul

You would’ve heard about Sweet Paul magazine on this blog before. Created and primarily styled by prop stylist Paul in Brooklyn, it is a veritable visual banquet for the discerning gastro lover.

Now you can have a piece of Sweet Paul all to yourself as an etsy shop has opened to sell the props from past photoshoots. Walk don’t run, these goods promise to sell out quickly!

sweet paul

1. Vintage painted salt jar – $12

2. Plexiglas vase from Space London – $125

3. Knitted teapot – $50

4. Vintage Pyrex polka dot mugs – $15

5. Vintage stone owl (great centerpiece vignette) – SOLD

I can’t wait to see what else comes up for sale in the future..that knitted teapot is calling me like you won’t believe!

all images sweet paul

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Ethan Ollie

I +fave and bookmark on etsy so much so that sometimes something good falls through the cracks. One such ‘something good’ is the store Ethan Ollie. The vintage wares in this store are clearly pre-loved but contain enough character to bring story to your space and not junk. I spied a few houseware pieces that got my heart racing..I hope they do the same for you.

ethan ollie

1. Mid-century Turkish pot – $30
2. Vintage handmade apple baker – $29
3. Vintage enamel pot – $20
4. Vintage Flask and case – $29
5. Vintage German wine bottle – $10
6. Vintage hand painted tray – $15

Not only are the wares lovely but the shots have a beautiful atmosphere. If you buy anything let me know…a choice few items are going on my wishlist for sure!

all images ethan ollie

Etsy t-t-t-tuesday: Making wish lists come true

Ahh wish lists, lust lists, want lists – whichever way you call them, they all equate to one thing: things we want and momentarily can’t have. Either due to budget constraints or availability.

A few weeks back I posted an Indoor Garden Party moodboard that was a wish list of sorts. I want summer to stick around a wee bit longer (thank you NY, it appears that that wish is coming true), and I wish with an unlimited budget that I could buy everything on said moodboard. But alas..budget constraints and what not.

So this week, I thought, ‘what if’ I tried to source similar items off etsy to create the same indoor/outdoor dining setting at a somewhat more available price? The alternatives were not much of a compromise and were in some cases, a lot more rustic and interesting. Check it out:

Etsy indoor garden party

1.Vintage Wolff and Reessing Anchovy Mustard Wood Crate 1888 Trademark – $58 by “>Fabuless Finds. The original crate I fashioned as a bread basket and this is no exception.

2. Poplar Round Cutting Board (Sm) – $12 by boards and beads. A suitable substitute for the placemats idea proposed in the initial moodboard.

3. Crated Glass Water Jug – $125 by serotonum soap. This totally exceeded my expectations for a vessel to carry home made soda..the crate surrounding the glass jug is just BRILLIANT. I would buy this in a HEARTBEAT!

4. Antique French Silver Cutlery and Serving Set 21 pieces – $55 by deborah shop. Such lovely scrolled detail and enough tarnish to be vintagely kewl.

5. Set of 40 Tissue Poms. Pick Your Colors – $130 by fiesta pom pom. You don’t have to get all 40, as fiesta pom pom offers lesser amounts, but using these to create a ceiling floral display would be a nice alternative to a floral table display and could be used over and over.

6. Hand Screen Printed Fabric – Yellow Belbird – $16.50 for napkins by melbomba. With a few zips zip zips of the sewing machine one could fashion their own napkins…perfect!

7. Mid Century Modern Pewter Mushroom Salt and Pepper Set – $12 by Urban Mining Co. Too cute. Nuff said.

8. Rectangle Concrete Bowl with Moss Stones – $45 by benjrs. How’s this for a center piece? This rectangle planter is brilliant, what a presence, and the moss stones instead of flowers or succulents is an interesting visual alternative.

9. Antique circa 1930s Sovereign Canada tea set – $35 from fuchsia 1. A beaut of a tea set with enough settings for 6 persons. Fragile, beautiful and classic. It makes me think of tea in the garden on a sunny English day.

10 & 11 – VINTAGE GREEN TOILE PAISLEY FLOWERS TRANSFERWARE PLATE – $13.99 by english transfareware and a variety of transferware plates from english transferware priced from $12-$30+ This store stocks a variety of great transferware plates and serving platters. A must see.

all images from respective etsy stores mentioned

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Truly time for tea..

Dears, I am in London right now..which means my tea consumption has peaked while my coffee cravings have decreased. Unfortunately, my cake and biccie consumption has also skyrocketed, causing every trainer and nutritionist I know to cringe and shudder involuntarily. Not to worry, when I am not eating and drinking the stuff I am looking at vessels to make them in..this week in etsy is no exception.

I’m off to put the kettle on..

retro enamel tea kettle

retro enamel tea kettle

This 1970’s era enamel kettle is so bright and cheerful it made me grin. The wooden handle is such a nice touch that it could be a nice feature as a useable kettle or mere decorative piece. $30 from pica pica found.

Vintage Mid Century Modern Chrome Coffee Pot Urn with Vintage Fruit Decals and Teak Wooden Handle

Vintage Mid Century Modern Chrome Coffee Pot Urn with Vintage Fruit Decals and Teak Wooden Handle

I have to show coffee a little love.. and this urn is the perfect receptacle in which to do it. The flowers are borderline kitsch but the wooden handle and chrome body make it MCM enough to be kewl. With a 12 cup capacity I can just imagine whipping this out after a wonderful dinner with friends…oh and did I mention? Only $19..have at it my friends!

vintage OPEN BACK floral garden dress

vintage OPEN BACK floral garden dress

Rewind 7 years and I wouldn’t be posting this dress..not just because cravenmaven.com didn’t exist back then, but because I could’ve fitted into this wonderful treat back then and would NOT be offering it to anyone else to buy before me! Isn’t it the perfect tea party dress? It would go well with a hat I spied in anthropologie the other day..hmmm..$32 from allen company inc.

Modern White Teapot

Modern White Teapot

Hindsvik are so good at doing what they do that barely a week passes where I don’t see something I love in their store and +fave it. This teapot is a classic example of the good results of their carefully curating eye. Interesting curves and lines, a whimsical feel and a graphic almost superhero swoosh of a design..this is more than a teapot..its a sculpture for your high tea table. $210 my friends…enjoy it if you get it!

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday : You say Chinoiserie, I say Chinoiser-what?

I was talking to a friend the other day – trying to define my interior design style/aesthetic/preference. You would think it would be easy – but my magpie like tendencies make it exteremely difficult. My final description was ‘curiosity shoppe’ a la Paul Smith..I love vintage, I loved lived in, but I also love MCM and avant garde. My eccentric tastes apparently fit my English Persona quite well… ::grumble::

But one thing I definitely do love is Chinoiserie – a French term, signifying “Chinese-esque” that became a popular style in the late 17th century.
My bedding is Chinoiserie but what about a little Asian floralcy in the kitchen? Behold!

Brooklyn Chinoiserie Platter

Brooklyn Chinoiserie Platter

What a lovely platter. It put me in the mind of Nymolle Pottery but with an Asian twist. MayLuk has a whole bunch of these platters for sale with a variety of designs. They are such a wonderfully whimsical addition to the dinner table. The one above is priced at $48 and is available here.

Tea Box

Tea Box

Time for tea anyone? This is an example of where Chinoiserie could go either way – whimsical and relevant or just plain Grannified. I love Nana, honest I do – but this tea box is all for me. From it’s delicate little elevated feet to its peaked top – the colour, the details – its so cute. And it’s $32 here.

Jumping Koi

Jumping Koi

This piece really caught my attention for the pure reason that it is an aesthetic that I see over and over again. It brings to mind things such as the pottery of Adler or something Wearstler would have in one of her projects. Wouldn’t this make an interesting centerpiece to the dinner table? It’s $125…but oh so worth it.


Storage Containers

I remember these from when I was a kid. They housed tea leaves, sugar, and similar small dry goods. If you have a very plain kitchen, these interesting tins could make an open shelf that much more decorative. The set are on sale for $30. Get it before it’s gone..

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Chop chop..

I have many fixations, obsessions and distractions – much to my annoyance. On the one hand its great in that I end up being the source of a wealth of junk knowledge, when asked ‘Hey Saer do you know where I can find…?’ most of the time, I have an answer. But on the other hand, it makes me a bit of a jill of all trades and master of none. Not to mention it wastes a lot of time.

That being said, one of my latest fixations are chopping blocks. You know, the thing you cut your veggies on in the kitchen? The obsession spurred out of necessity for me to purchase a new one..I am still yet to do so, as I know the ultimate one, for the right price is out there for me. A Prince Charming of kitchen tools if you will.

Then the other day I stumbled upon the chopping block genius of delia sophia – maker of chopping blocks. **sigh** Check out some of her skillful goodness:

Handmade Wood Cutting Board . Rustic with 3 stripes of Walnut

Handmade Wood Cutting Board with 3 stripes of Walnut

Ooooh….walnuts!! Ok, so they aren’t quite the edible type, but look at the stripey contrasted goodness that abounds from this chopping block. A compilation of Oak, Ash, Maple, Cherry, and 3 strips of Walnut this block would go in any kitchen colour scheme. Every board by delia sophia is hand rubbed to a smooth finish with her own special mineral oil and wax mixture in order to create a waterproof seal.
$55 here.

Handmade Cutting Board . Large with Two Curves

Handmade Cutting Board – Large with Two Curves

Cars have them. Women have them and now, so can your chopping board. Yes, that’s right. Curves. I think this board is stylin’ – it looks a little bit retro yet modern and different enough to be interesting! Again a mix of woods, it costs $80 which is comparable to most chopping boards nowadays, but is especially reasonable as it is handmade with care.

Handmade Wood Cutting Board. Ambiguously Clever.

Handmade Wood Cutting Board- curiously shaped

The shape of this board is quite abstract…definitely unlike anything I’ve ever seen and for that reason alone it makes the pick. It’s $90 and if you are so inclined, you can score it here.

Engrave your chopping block

Engraved Chopping Block

Now this is kewl..mongramming your stuff just smacks of ‘yeah I’ve got things together’. Well to me it does at least. For $13 you can have your board of choice hand branded with your initials..so there shouldn’t be a mix up at the end of the evening as to whose board belongs to who..cos we all know THAT happens way more often than it should..

images courtesy of the delia sophia