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Last Suppers

I have always wondered what I would choose as my last supper if I were an inmate on death row about to be executed. I don’t know which is more disturbing, that I have thought about it often, or that I can never satisfyingly conclude what taste I want to linger on my lips as my life ebbs away. One thing I am fairly certain of, is that I would probably chose some of my mum’s cooking – heaven knows that lady knows her way around a kitchen..and her chicken curry has had many of our Indian friends claiming it reminiscent of the stuff they grew up with. Yum.

james reynolds last supper donut

The idea of last suppers it seems has been on the minds of others, not just yours truly. Artist, James Reynolds has created { and I am hoping will continue to develop } a series titled ‘Last Supper’s, a series of photographs documenting former Death Row prisoners’ requests for their last meal before execution.

j reynolds last supper eggs

The choices are interesting to say the least – from the expected { a pack of cigarettes } to the absurd { a black olive } to the intriguing { a medley of fresh tropical fruit }. Nevertheless, the series is brilliant and makes me feel like I’ve shared a nod of ‘understanding’ with someone who no longer walks this earth.

james reynolds last supper fruits

Check out more from James’ project here.

all images via james reynolds


The Edible Selby meets Tartine

Everybody loves The Selby. How could you not? By providing a peek into the lives and homes of creative couples all over the world, Todd Selby’s images are thoughtful and yet voyeuristic – which hasn’t gone unnoticed. New York Times T Magazine is featuring a new section, ‘Edible Selby’ which features creative food people in their natural habitat shot in a way that is unmistakenly Selby-esque.

First up is San Francisco bakery, Tartine run by husband and wife team Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt. Continually rated in Zagat as Best Breakfast and Best Bakery in SF, their resume is decorated with a plethora of accolades. The Selby’s pictures invoke Pavlovian style drooling and the desire to throw my newly enforced eating regimen out of the window…

tartine by the selby

tartine by the selby

tartine by the selby

tartine by the selby

Check out more images here.

all images via edible selby

Modern Royal Commemorative plates

kk outlet plates

As a kid growing up in London, I remember many a visit to little old ladies houses and seeing their china cabinet with a collection of ‘royal commemorative plates’. There was Charles and Diana, their portraits in bold primary colours, with dates and banners and coat of arms all over. It was the height of tackiness and the pride of many a home.

kk outlet

But in today’s society the commemorative plate is hitting up a new market. Forget your nan, these plates are hipster friendly to say the least. Starting with the modern monarchs -Will’s and Kate, KK Outlet has created a collection of plates that double as serious art and national pride. I have no shame in saying I want. I really, really want.

kk outlet

See more here.

all images via kk outlet

Food Stylin’: David L Reamer

david l reamer - tabletop

{ Liz is in the process of moving to greener pastures..but not before she made me aware of this great food photog! Over to you Liz }

David L Reamer is a photographer in Portland, Oregon. A place with such gorgeous light as to “make even the [family] dog look dramatic” (check out his blog).
His portfolio is fantastic too. Though his websites are short on bio, I think the warm, approachable plates he captures in still life tell the story of a good friend who, just like you, loves food, friends, and fun.

david l reamer - pears

david l reamer - cheese

david l reamer - yummy goodness

david l reamer - ice cream man

all images by david l reamer

Cars and food go together like…

vw ad by bbdo brazil

I hate adverts but I love advertising that makes you grin. Which was exactly what I did when I saw this old poster ad campaign for Volkswagen by BBDO Brazil.

vw ad by bddo brazil

vw ad by bddo brazil

vw ad by bddo brazil

How apt that the tagline for this campaign is: “For every kind off load.” A simple straightforward message in a well directed design that reminds us how our vehicles can be a daily necessity – much like the food we eat.

via fubiz

Minimalist effect in the maximalist market by Antrepo


This is one of the best things i’ve seen online..With many things in life, I can be the quintessential minimalist. One area where I don’t like fuss and muss is in the realm of design. Something clean with nice edges makes my heart sing. So you can imagine how psyched I was to see Minimalist effect in the maximalist market by Antrepo. Antrepo is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy that has an eye for simplicity and strong brand design.


Minimalist effect in the maximalist market is a quest to find alternate simple versions for the packaging of various popular international brands. Of course, my eye drifted to the food based packages…I for one LOVE the most simplest variations, which do you prefer?




Check out more at the Antrepo site.

all images via antrepo, found via its nice that

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Watercolours by Tarra Lyons

I’m not usually one for ‘food based art’ in the kitchen, but when I saw these watercolours by The Night Jar I fell in love. They are subtle yet with true colours that makes them just that bit more ‘edible’. The Night Jar is also known as Tarra Lyons. Tarra has a BFA in Painting with a Printmaking minor at Boston University, which shines through in her work.

the night jar

1. Cherries, archival print – $20 // 2. Oranges, one of a kind – $48 // 3. Pears, Original watercolour – $48 // 4. Apples, one of a kind – $48

Tarra’s work isn’t limited to fruits, check out her shop to see some of her amazing bird paintings too!

all images via the night jar