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Cheesy Blasters!

cheesy blasters

What does this foodie do when she’s ill? Watch food related comedy of course – check it out.

image source unknown


Craven in Friday Finds

Friday Finds mention

A big thanks to Kate of Coquette & Dove for her kind words recommending this blog in her ‘further reading’ section of the weekly staple, ‘Friday Finds’ mail. Previous further reading recommendations include 365 polaroids and 365 quotes by Parker Fitzgerald, the adobrable miss fifi lapin and the mouthwatering farm + house + table.

If you get a mo’ check out Coquette and Dove‘s lovely blog!

friday finds header by coquette and dove, coffee and croissant by craven maven

Creative Inc. Book Tour

creative inc nyc party

A big shout out to Meg and Joy, the gals behind Creative Inc. and to Michele Varian who hosted last nights book launch party. If you live in or around the NY area you must take a trip to the Michele Varian store – I mentally shopped the store and wanted it all. There were more fascinating salt and pepper shakers than I could shake a fist at.

And the treats…oh the treats. Provided by Maris NY, when you see Caramel Sea Salt brownies on the agenda you know that you’re in for a great night!

image by liz

Superbib’s by Keith Haring?

super bibs by keith haring

I was wandering around my local pharmacy meets everything shop and occasioned upon the work of Keith Haring…in the CHILDREN’S section?! I had to do a double take and at first didn’t quite agree on the work of an iconic artist being on a child’s…bib. Granted it’s named the Superbib, but lets face it – it catches the apple source that oozes out of your lil kids messy mouth.

But on second thoughts, why not introduce the little munchkins to art from an early age?

image from amazon.com

Deth P. Sun + Food Journal + Tiny Showcase = HECK YES!

deth p sun

You read correctly dear friends, readers and blogships. Stop everything you are doing right now and listen up. Tonight at 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time, Tiny Showcase will be dropping a limited edition Deth P. Sun Food Zine. WHAT THE WHAT? You say? Exactly.

Artist Deth ‘concluded a food journal in which he documented everything he ate (including a few meals with this humble author), and then compiled it into a zine that reads kind of like a Richard Scary picture book of contemporary eating, or the Cat in the Hat Encyclopedia of Snacks.

This zine (weighing in at 28 60lb pages with a 80lb card stock cover) comes with a stunning new Deth P. Sun print.

Have your trigger finger *ready at 7:30pm EST, cos getting this zine is going to be a showdown!

*Just my luck I have an engagement tonight at 7:30pm… this should be interesting.

image via tinyshowcase

Gourmet Smack Talk

Chang Vs. Patterson

It’s no secret that it makes me chuckle when people talk smack. I don’t know what it is about it that gets me going, it just plain does. This past week the French movement, Le Grand Fooding 2010, took place at PS 1. An event where Chefs met up to create a veritable two days of gourmet eats and talks….in some cases smack talk.

This year it was New York Chef’s versus their San Francisco counterparts – with East Coast/West Coast alliances running deep in all industries you know there must have been some tension over the gas burner. But what caught my eye wasn’t the food on show, but the pre-interview smack talk on the le grand fooding site:

Laurence Jossel (Nopa, SF): “In all my eating trips to New York, nothing I have eaten has come close to the sensual perfection of a tree-ripened Northern California Black Mission fig – except maybe the pastrami at Katz’s Deli.”
Brian Leth (Vinegar Hill House, NY): “No comment.”
Mourad Lahlou (Aziza, SF): “The best thing I have ever eaten at any of David’s restaurants was the second dozen of fresh oysters I ordered at Ssam bar without the kimchi consommé.”
Daniel Patterson (Coi, SF): “David who?”
Robert Newton (Seersucker, NY): “I’ve been too busy these days to stay on top of the San Francisco food scene, but I am sure it’s great. Let’s face it though, New York is the center of the food world in America. And besides, it’s all about Brooklyn right now.”
James Syhabout (Commis, SF): “To keep it simple, best rhymes with West.”
Dan Barber (Blue Hill, NY): “Looking forward to learning how to wrap a great burrito.”
Nate Appleman (Pulino’s, NY): “The difference between New York and San Francisco is that SF is a food city and NY is a restaurant city.”
Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone (Torrisi, NY): “When Sinatra said ‘if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere,’ he wasn’t talking about San Fran !”
Jeremy Fox (Plum, SF): “So basically the argument is New York technique versus California ingredients; but oh shit…look who’s got both now. Watch out !”
Melissa Perello (Frances, SF): “NY cuisine versus San Francisco cuisine…it’s like comparing apples and oranges, they’re just different.”


image via le grand fooding 2010

Anti-Design Festival

The Anti-Design Festival kicked off in London this past weekend. What IS the Anti-Design Festival you ask? Their manifesto states:

As a response to 25 years of cultural deep freeze in the UK, the Anti Design Festival will attempt to unlock creative fires and ideas, exploring spaces hitherto deemed out-of-bounds by a purely commercial criteria.

Created initially as a direct response to the pretty commerciality of the London Design Festival, the festival will shift the focus from bums-on-seats to brain food, and from taste and style to experiment and risk. The festival will provide a rare space for unhindered exploration and creative opportunity, where ideas may fail as equally as succeed.

…and as expected, food was an inspiration in some of the works. I was especially attracted to this somewhat cute yet surreal mash up of a young ballerina girl meets ice cream cone meets milk explosion and sweets.

Ice cream ballerina surrealist mashup

I’m not sure who the artist is for this one, but if you know, send me an email!

The festival ends on September 26th, go to the ADF site for more information about exhibitors and locations.

image via the anti-design festival