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Gruyere Thyme Gougeres by Tartine

gruyere gougeres

Speaking of Tartine..the lovely bakery have released a cookbook of their treats. I stumbled across the above gruyere gougeres by Tartine on the lovey blog Oishii Eats – follow her step by step instructions if you want to make the choux pastry treats for yourself this weekend!

image via oishii eats


Potato, Kale and Tempeh soup to keep the cold at bay

potato kale tempeh soup

Dear readers, it’s cold. Plain and simple.

Today my hands froze in the car before I had the chance to turn on the heat..is it just me, or is this really the winter of our discontent? Sheesh. Thank goodness for soup..my sister { a carnivore } was regaling me with tales of the chicken, potato and spinach soup that she was going to make and boy did it make my mouth water. Surely I must have equally good ingredients in house to make something similar I thought…enter Potato, kale and tempeh soup!

I never measure stuff when I cook..so all quantities are approximations. But with soup you can’t go that much wrong!


+ 1 cup tempeh, diced
+ 2 tablespoons of Olive oil
+ 1 shallot onion chopped
+ 2 garlic cloves crushed then chopped
+ 2-3 slices of fresh ginger
+ 1 bunch Kale (about 1/2 pound)
+ 5-6 Fingerling potatoes, peeled, chopped about 1/2 inch thick
+ 1 cup of sweetcorn
+ 2 cups of Vegetable broth { I cheat and use Oxo Veggie cubes to make this }
+ salt, pepper and oregano to taste


Peel, wash and chop the potatos – place into a pot filled with 6 cups of boiling water. Boil potatoes until they are soft in the middle but not mushy.
In a heavy bottomed pot heat the olive oil and add the diced tempeh.
Brown the tempeh and reduce heat.
Add the chopped garlic, onions and ginger. Cook until the onions become slightly translucent.
Strain the water from the potatoes over the tempeh, garlic, ginger and onions.
Let the water come to a simmer then add the vegetable broth, salt, pepper, oregano and kale { you can either chop the kale or tear it with your hands }.
Allow to simmer for 5 mins then add the sweetcorn.
Cover pot and allow the medley of ingredients to come into their own, stirring occasionally. If more water is needed, top up with hot water.

If you try it this weekend let me know what you think!

image via chefinyou.com

If you’re snowed in, this might be the perfect distraction..

So, I am sure most by now know that the North East coast in the USA has been hit by a terrible snow storm. This is about the fourth such storm we have seen this year, the major difference being, this one appears to be especially crippling. I for one haven’t even looked out the window today. Fortunate to be one of the annoyingly few who ‘work from home’ I don’t get a ‘snow-day’ but at the same token, I don’t have to deal with trudging through the snow mountains and unpleasant { currently non-existent } bus rides that inevitably ensues.

Instantly what came to mind was a post I wrote back on January 29th, when we were in the middle of the 2009 – 2010 Winter season, a recipe for Vegan Hot Chocolate by shak shuka. This recipe goes over gangbusters in the winter time…in fact I served it at my Tron party a few weeks ago and busted many a guest licking their cups like a kitten at mealtime. It’s the perfect distraction from shoveling snow / looking at the snow / lamenting the snow…so check out the original post below and give the recipe a try and if you don’t have to go out, don’t be ashamed to add a little liqueur to make it warm the cockles..

Originally posted on Jan 29th 2010

It’s freezing here right now. The weather in NY is 19F and with the windchill factor, feels in the single digits. Even though I am indoors and my radiator is bubbling away, I am still wrapped in a blanket and shivering…darn this winter! Worse still, its going to be like this all weekend. How better to ease the winter chill than with a nice mug of hot choccie..

Hot Choccie

Oh, how I wish I had picked up a tin of Maribelle’s Milk and Hazelnut hot chocolate when I was in Soho the other day! I only ordered a small cup and it was so creamy, nutty and delicious. Now that I am confined to the indoor cold I wish I could whip some up. Oh well. In the meantime I saw a recipe for Vegan Chocolat Chaud which incorporates the use of coconut milk!!! I am going to rush out and buy a tin and try this treat later on for myself.

Have a great weekend dear readers – and if you are in NY or some other frozen land, be warm and be well.


Secret Cake Club recipe zine

ccc recipe book

I first heard of the Chinatown Cake Club via the wonderful food fest that is Pork and Chocolate. A secret cake club run from a Victoria Howe’s Chinatown apartment kitchen, foodies were alerted about upcoming cake parties via email with a link to sign up at a specific time frame.

Sadly, these cake clubs are no more, but Victoria has released a recipe book of her creations. Full of hand drawn illustrations and detailed instructions, recipes range from Vietnamese Tres Leches Cake, Durian Cake to Soy Sauce Ice Cream.

ccc recipe book

It’s a must for any discerning foodies wish list! Pick up a copy via Heraklia Press for $12.

images via heraklia press

Hot Apple Toddy

Apple Toddy

I have it on good authority that it’s started snowing today in London. As a kid I remember it snowing every year before things changed. Now in New York, you are guaranteed epic snowfalls on an annual basis; where epic = housebound blizzard.

While hot chocolate sufficed when I was a kid, as a grown up I’m all about the hot toddy. Any pub worth half it’s salt can make you a decent hot toddy – I remember one place actually sent their waiter out to buy some honey to make it right. But if you decide to make it at home, check out this recipe from readymade magazine for Spiced Apple Toddy.


* 1 baked apple
* 1.5 oz. Calvados Pays d’Auge (Busnel VSOP)
* 2 tsp. sugar { or honey }
* 3 oz. boiling water
* nutmeg


* Foil
* Muddler (or spoon)


1. To make the baked apple, peel, quarter, and core an apple (Braeburn or other seasonally appropriate variety). Dust apple quarters lightly with ground cinnamon and allspice. Wrap each quarter separately in foil and bake at 350°F for 30 minutes. (To make slices to garnish glasses, cut another apple into ¼-inch slices and bake until just softened.)

2. Combine Calvados, apple, and sugar in a hot mug. Muddle apple (or mash it with a spoon), add boiling water, and stir until pulp dissolves. Lightly grate nutmeg on top.

Hope you enjoy!

image and recipe from readymade magazine

Jamie Oliver’s fab new Iphone App..

jamies recipes

If you love to eat { which I suspect you do if you’re reading this blog }, and you have an Iphone or Ipod Touch then you will be glad to know that Jamie Oliver released his second Iphone app yesterday – Jamie’s Recipes. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?

I spent the better part of yesterday playing around with it and I must say of all the recipe apps i’ve tried, this one is by far the most aesthetically pleasing and practical.

To start with there are three videos – Jamie introducing you to the app, while standing in a bright light drool-worthy kitchen space, a lesson in knife skills that will save your pinky, { heaven knows I have had many a blood gushing knife incident in the kitchen in my lifetime..}, and a tutorial on how to place your chopping board. Jamie reassuringly walks you through this basics and get’s you set for what’s to come.

jamies recipesrecipes for free or downloadable packs for a fee

Next you have two options to select from – free recipes that come with the app or the option to download a ‘packet’ of ten recipes for $2.99. Recipe packets are varied, with categories such as ‘Brilliant Breakfast and Brunch’ to ’10 minute meals’ to ’20 minute vegetarian dishes’.

jamies recipesingredient listing that can be sent to a shopping list

Pictures of the finished product are incredibly well styled. Each comes with a summary of the dish, a list of what you will need in terms of both equipment and ingredients and a step by step ‘how-to’ guide with pictures. Then, and this is my favourite bit, with a quick click you can add all the ingredients to a shopping list for when you go to the supermarket.

jamies recipeshow-to directions

Last night, I found myself in bed, going through the Banoffee Banana Split recipe, adding it’s contents to my shopping list, then popping over to my Fresh Direct app and creating a request for the items to be delivered to my home..all from under my quilt!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have officially reached The Future.

This new app is so very easy to use, I highly recommend it and will be playing with it in the weeks and days to come. Let me know if you download it and make something delish!

images from jamieoliver.com

Fondue-ing it at Pure Green Magazine

pure green living holiday 2010 fondue spread

The new issue of Pure Green Living dropped earlier this week and its the best one yet. Gift suggestions from some great bloggers, a house tour and interview with the ever design discerning Hindsvik and of course great eats.

I have never had fondue. Can you believe that? I love chocolate and I love cheese but I’ve never fondue’d it up either at home or at a restaurant. In efforts to fix that I have been on a { long & fruitless } search for a Michael Lax Copco fondue set on ebay. Once I get my fondue pot I will be making the delicious sounding chocolate fondue with amaretto recipe in Pure Green Magazine. YUM!

image via pure green magazine