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Found It! Cortelyou Farmers Market

Farmers market

As many of my friends know, I have been moaning about ditching the supermarkets and doing as much local farmers market shopping as possible. But the problem I have been coming up against is finding a market that is close to me that I can get to at a decent hour instead of getting there too late and only receiving the sloppy seconds that others have picked over.

But thanks to my friend A. I was directed to a slew of sites including The Cortelyou Green Market. A Sunday only market, I figured I would pop by and see if it was any good..it’s only a block long so how great could it be I thought? Oh..little did I know.

To make my shopping efficient I set a budget ($40) and an objective – to buy fresh ingredients for a red curry, flowers, cheese and bread or something for between work snacks.

Farmers Market purchases
What I got!

I found so much good stuff and came home with $3 in my pocket! There were not many stalls, but everything was great quality and all of the vendors were informative and chatty.Consider Bardwell Farms, had lovely cheeses with the option to taste. The Dorset, which I purchased is pungent and creamy all at the same time.

Farmers Market Treats
What else I got!

I bought a gorgeous whole grain loaf from Bread Alone. So fresh, chunky (i got it unsliced) and fresh I had a slice when I got home and it reminded me of better days. Add to this I bought, fresh Onions, spring onions, fresh strawberries, medium farm fresh eggs, artichokes, peonies, coriander, mint, courgettes and some.

If you are in or near Brooklyn I highly recommend the Cortelyou Farmers Market. It’s only open on Sundays, and its a great reason to get out of bed early this summer. Plus you can pop across the road to the Vox Pop Cafe for some brekkie if you must! I know I will be back – and I am so so very happy I have finally found a local farmers market.

More goodsFarmers Market

all images by cravenmaven


Found it: Funky bird plates

Dwell Catalogue Scan

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of Dwell Studio – I comment on their blog oft, drool over their products on a weekly daily basis and am keeping all eyes and ears open for another ‘pop up’ sample sale, much like they had in Soho a year ago or so.

If you don’t get their catalogue you are missing out on pics and ideas of some great house textiles. The above shot caught my eye when perusing the Winter 2009 mag – Sure I love the woodblock apron but where-oh-where did that plate come from?? Ravens juxtaposed with traditional design..I just plain love it.

Seconds Collection

Well wonder no more – Clio-Home sells the fabulous ‘Seconds plates’ for …well a pretty penny. Priced at $145 for four dinner plates and $99 for four dessert plates, I love how they are described:

“The Seconds collection takes this idea of mistake to a new level. Each piece of china is mismatched. To take things a bit further, each piece of tableware has randomly placed designs that are juxtaposed in curious ways.”

So check them out if you want them, or if you just want to drool like I do.

image from dwell studio fall-winter 2009 catalogue

Found it! Czechoslovakian China

Tea Cozy

I was perusing the pages on the interweb the other day when I occasioned upon the above picture and a write up about the “Irish Knit Aran Wool Tea Cosy Cozy” by etsy store seller Wattery Totteries.

But it wasn’t the cozy that arrested my attention, but rather the darling patterned tea cup! I’ve tried to find the exact one, but no avail (however, Wattery Totteries is willing to sell it if anyone is interested.). Some digging determined that it is Czechoslovakian China and wow is Czech china colourful or what?!

In my search I found some colourful and patterned items that I just had to share..

Pink Czech Cameo Tea Set

Cameo Czech Tea Set

This is a very bright, pepto bismol pink tea set like nothing i’ve ever seen. Currently on ebay for $850 BIN it includes 21 pieces from teapot to tea cups to saucers and a milk jug. What amazes me is what fine shape the set is in despite being manufactured between 1921-1934! If anyone is interested in the post/pre war pieces of pottery, check it out here.

Spotty Czech Tea set

I just found this spotty Czechoslovakian tea set adorable. It’s so fun and yet a bit sensible. Currently on sale for $7.50 at ecrater.

Colourful rosy czech

I love the bright pop of floralcy around the rim of this plate. It’s a statement and a little bit too colourful to look grannified, in my opinion at least!

All in all I found a lot of florals..some more of a statement than others. If you are so inclined to pick up some of this china I reccomend the extensive collection I found here at replacements.com!

images from ebay, replacements.com and ecrater

Found it! Arabia Enamelware

Heart Finel ArabiaSunburst

The other day I was reading a post on The Design Files, showing the home of artist Madeleine Stamer. Madeleine’s house was full of colour and crafty design, but it was the vintage enamelware pitcher and bowl she had that caught my attention.

Arabia is not only Finland’s oldest ceramics factory but it is certainly one of the most respected. Initially a subsidiary of Rorstrand, created to produce lines for the Russian market, Arabia became its own entity from 1900.

I must admit I always love to look at enamelware but i’ve never bought it as it looks too ‘campground’ for me and not like something I can take seriously in the kitchen. Arabia is different. Boasting bright yet simple patterns such as hearts, flowers and vegetables or intricate black and white illustrations such as mushrooms or fish, the bowls are large, functional and decorative. Show Home has a nice variety of Arabia for sale such as the two pictured above, however, they only accept pound sterling.

Check ebay for some great pieces such as the following:

Finel Arabia Pot


Currently priced at only $29 with no bids! I am not 100% sure if it is Arabia Enamel, but it certainly is reminiscent of it. With only minor dings and chips the pot is in great shape. The listing ends on Feb 19, 201016:05:24 PST. So check it out asap!!

Mushroom Finel Arabia

Vintage Finel Arabia White/blk Enamelware Mushroom bowl

Currently priced at $12 with no bids!! This is one of my favourite pieces with the mushroom design! According to the seller: Original Arabia sticker still on the bottom. It measures 6″ deep, 8″ around the opening, and 25″ in diameter. Has some tiny knicks about 3/4 of the way here and there around the inside and none that I can see on outside. No dents. No scratches! Color is black on white and still vibrant no fading . Check it out herebefore the listing ends on Feb 23, 201014:12:16 PST.

images from show home and ebay sellers kentrose and atmbomb75

Found it! Cute little bottles for homemade yogurt..

Fromage Blanc in bottles

When I become obsessed with something, I get a little..erm, fixated. Like a floater over my iris it superimposes itself over all I see and constantly plays in the background of my mind. So imagine, last week when I saw the above little yogurts and recipe for homemade Fromage Blanc. I salivated yes, not just at the ingredients but at the super charming little bottles it was in.

Alas, the lovely lady at Sunday Suppers said that the bottles are discontinued, (say what?!). I was super miffed. Sure, I can still make the dessert but I love the presentation, (playing around with the idea of using it for a brunch event.) I’ve been looking all over the web but cannot find anything satisfactorily comparable.

Then this morning in the shower it occurred to me!

Mini Heinz Ketchup Bottle

The Mini Heinz Ketchup bottles!! They are 2.25oz in size a little bit tinier than I had hoped to use, but nonetheless they could definitely do the job for a single serving of Fromage Blanc.

I reckon if you empty the bottles, soak them in boiling water, maybe with a bit of lemon or some such, it should eradicate any tomato-y taste and odour.

Pick up a 12 pack of these lovely little bottles at Ketchup World.

images from sunday suppers and ketchup world.

Desperately seeking Tiffin..

I have wanted a tiffin box for quite a while now. Truth be told I love putting things in boxes. Seriously. The tupperware aisle at any given store gets me all abuzz. If I could I would have everything in boxes, (**rubs hands together manically**). My searches for the quintessential Tiffin box is due in part because I love to make my own lunch, and who wants to tote around a crusty old brown paper bag?!

At one point I almost caved and bought a bento box from Plastica instead:

Plastica Shop Bento Boxes

But I am not entirely keen on putting my food, hot and whatnot, directly into plastic. So the hunt continued. I toyed with the idea of buying a good ole stainless steel tiffin box from Amazon:

Amazon Tiffin Box set

But I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ it. Then this past week I saw a wonderful House Tour on Apartment Therapy. A home in Bangalore India, belonging to a gent named Karthik. And ‘lo and behold, I saw the Tiffin box of my dreams!

Karthik's Bangalore Tiffin Box

See it? Right there on the second shelf up and second box across. A lovely, vintage looking, cream coloured tiffin box. Can I locate one online? Not for the life of me!! I am going stir crazy…but have a call in to my friends from India to find out where I can pick up one for myself..let’s hope it all works out!

images courtesy of plastica, amazon and apartment therapy

Found it! Wedding tableware

Beaded Plate

Have you ever gone to a wedding or event and loved the tableware but been too caught up to remember to ask where oh where you can get your hands on it? It happens to the best of us. This week’s ‘found it’ comes from my sis, Suz, who went to a wedding last year and was served dinner on glass beaded plates; she has been looking for them in stores ever since but couldn’t find them. Until today!

The above plates are the ones! They have been ordered and are en route from Stonewall Kitchen. I will let you know how they look in person when they arrive!

images from stonewall kitchen.