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Oh Paul, how Sweet it is!

sweet paul spring 2011 cover

Salt and pepper, soft boiled eggs and toast soldiers, mac n’ cheese, some things just go together. It’s apt then that the Spring issue of Sweet Paul magazine is here and it’s a kids special. Kids + Food = a license to play with your food. The whimsy that comes with being a child is often lost when we grow up. We go from eating mac n cheese for supper to dining at Fromagerie’s, wolfing down ice cream for pudding to indulging in ‘whole wheat sorbet‘, it all just get’s a little serious really.

Thanks to the ever sweet Paul Lowe this issue of Sweet Paul reminds us of what makes food fun – I hope that it inspires many to have a rollicking good time in the kitchen and to put stuffiness aside for a bit in 2011.

Some of my favourite articles in this edition:


Eggs are one of my most favourite things in the world. Poached, baked, scrambled, fried, I have them any and every which was in any given week. Wonderfully shot by Colin Cooke, “Eggs, Which came first?” contains five recipes for the little and big kids in our lives. From what looks like the perfect egg sandwich to cuddled eggs – I plan on adding each of these to my menu in March.

paul loves coffee

A few years ago on a trip to Australia, I remember watching a five-year-old girl swig about 4 oz of an ice latte from her mama’s cup before anyone could stop her. Some would be alarmed, but for this coffee addict it was incredibly amusing and made me wonder if I was a coffee addicted child growing up. { it would certainly explain a lot }. I was very chuffed to read that as a child Paul himself had a similar addiction..except to Coffee Pots! I imagine a little rotund boy with rosy cheeks and a bow-tie playing in his Nana’s garden surrounded by an array of Scandinavian coffee pots. Adorable!

play with ur food

play with ur food

I was never one to play with my food. Coming from a big family and being the youngest, any delay in polishing off what was on your plate meant that your meal would become a victim of someone else’s fork! In the article Play with your Food Paul get’s creative in presenting morsels in such a way that no child would be able to resist a little bite!

kids choice!

Given the choice any kid will eat something somewhat healthy. Given the choice that is. Putting that theory to the test. In My Favourite Food five little cuties tell us what their favourite dish is, with recipe included. My favourite was young Leo’s: Potatoes with creamed spinach and fried eggs. Yum!

all images via sweet paul magazine


Food Stylin’: David L Reamer

david l reamer - tabletop

{ Liz is in the process of moving to greener pastures..but not before she made me aware of this great food photog! Over to you Liz }

David L Reamer is a photographer in Portland, Oregon. A place with such gorgeous light as to “make even the [family] dog look dramatic” (check out his blog).
His portfolio is fantastic too. Though his websites are short on bio, I think the warm, approachable plates he captures in still life tell the story of a good friend who, just like you, loves food, friends, and fun.

david l reamer - pears

david l reamer - cheese

david l reamer - yummy goodness

david l reamer - ice cream man

all images by david l reamer

The Mystery Bodega food stylist..a reflection on 2010

One of the best things I added to craven maven this year was the blog contributor Liz in the ‘food stylin‘ category. Liz is a great photographer who I’ve known and shot with for over 10 years {!}, having her discerning eye curate this category has exposed me to some great food photographer and mystery stylists…My favourite post by Liz was “The Mystery NY Bodega food stylist” posted back in October…in case you forgot all about it here it is for you again:

originally posted on october 14, 2010

Food Stylin’: The Mystery NY Bodega Stylist

mystery bodega food stylist

(You may have noticed the last few food stylin’ on Thursday submissions were ‘inspired by Liz’. Liz is a dear photog friend of mine who is a woman of many words and sometimes a woman of none. She always has an eye for style and a heart for good food. I’m pleased to announce that starting today she will be a regular contributor to the Craven Maven blog – exposing us to the work of unique and intriguing food stylists. Please welcome Liz!)

This week’s celebrity food stylist in the making is a person of mystery. While walking past a local bodega in the West Village I spied some of the most artistically arranged foodstuffs I’d ever seen. I snapped a couple of photos and promised myself to return after work.

mystery bodega food stylistartfully arranged packets of tomatoes meets neat rows of water versus super-organised pumpkins

mystery bodega food stylist

When I came back in the evening to investigate, none of the staff were able to tell me the identity of the person who sets up the produce stand. They all looked at me a bit oddly and declared that the bins and shelves had simply “always been that way.” I’m thinking that there’s a talented night stockist just waiting to become the food world’s Next Big Thing…

mystery bodega food stylistpomegranates, apples and plums arranged by hue while green and orange pop throughout the store

Hmm..I wonder who the mystery bodega food stylist is…maybe a late shift worker who uses symmetry and colour to keep him/her awake in the wee hours?!

thanks liz!!

All images by Liz

Food Stylin’ : Jennifer Martine

Jennifer Martine

Jennifer Martine knows color. The rich hues of her food still life flooded into my vision with increased potency with every passing slide in her portfolio.

jennifer martine

Her work sumptuously illustrates the book Jam it, Pickle it, Cure it by Karen Solomon. Within its pages, Martine’s photographs of various foods in cramped quarters shows just how well the ingredients get along with each other.

jennifer martine

jennifer martine

{ Thanks Liz! }

all images jennifer martine

Food Stylin’: Petrina Tinslay

petrina tinslay

Petrina Tinslay is an Australian food photographer who keeps company with such Domestic Goddesses as Nigella Lawson, and her soft, light, feminine images make even the butteriest pastries look like feather-light fare. Enjoy the photos, and be grateful that it doesn’t cost any calories to look…

petrina tinslay

petrina tinslay


all images by petrina tinslay

Food Stylin’: Quentin Bacon

{ CM notes: I just love when someone’s name lends itself to their craft! }

quentin bacon

quentin bacon

Quentin Bacon’s work is simply gorgeous, with painterly softness, rich colors, and spontaneous styling. I came across his work in a back issue of Food and Wine; sumptuous Moroccan food and scenes to make me want to max out my charge card and take off to faraway places and stuff my face with exotic food. The images from his website’s portfolio are no less transporting. Check out more of Quentin’s work here.

images via quentin bacon

Barney’s foodie holiday

During winter, the windows of the various prominent NY department stores are an annual treat for many. People travel in from all over just to have a peek at the elaborate and flamboyant artistry that goes into creating a world and mood in a relatively small space. As a New Yorker, it’s easy to take the windows for granted and speed walk past them as tourists stroll at a snail pace ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

Barneys foodie holiday windowsthe female chef’s and personalities of the foodnetwork

This year however, I will have to make an exception as Barney’s windows commemorate a foodie holiday! I’m not going to lie the term ‘foodie’ sometimes makes me cringe, in large part due to the fact that I hear so many throwing it around, ‘Oh, i’m a foodie’ or ‘he knows where to eat as he IS a foodie’. Pfft. Whatev’s. My favourite foodie is Tracy Jordan in 30 Rock, ( as we discovered in the opening of season four ), because he looks like he’d eat just about anything, like deep fried turtle toes on a bun. Sheesh.

But I digress – the foodie culture isn’t all bad. People forming a snobbery about where the food comes from and how it is made, looking for ethical and healthy choices IS a good thing…just read the ingredient listing of most items in your supermarket – it can be scary. Doing your own cooking IS a good thing – controlling the content of salts, sugar, chemicals in your dish not to mention how relxaxing and therapeutic it can be.

barneys foodie holiday windowsthe male chef’s and personalities of the foodnetwork

Barney’s nod to the growing ‘foodie’ culture is of course, nothing short of glamorous…dah-ling! Many popular tv chef’s and personalities are honoured, Paul Dean, Martha Stewart, Mario Batali, Guy Fieri, Anthony Bourdain and more.

barneys foodie holiday
how cool is this illy ballgown??

Other windows make creative use of food packaging…I especially love the rather wonderful Illy coffee ballgown! So I will be toddling over to Barneys for a closer inspection before it get’s too cold!

{ thanks to liz for the heads up! }

images via zagat, habitually chic