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Marti Guixe: Food Designing

marti guixe

I find myself somewhat inexplicably drawn to books about food in a graphical context. I say ‘somewhat’ because I love food and I love graphics, so this unlikely hybrid is a logical attraction. Case in point, Marti Guixe’s Food Designing an expression of food in a context a designer would appreciate.

Images of squaring potatoes, molecular structures made from olives and toothpicks and decorating cakes with graphic representations of their contents are just a few of the gems this book contains. I’m inspired, intrigued and peckish all at the same time. Definitely adding this to my wishlist.

cover image by inga knolke via corraini


The Geometry of Pasta

geometry of pasta

I have a thing for uniformity. Things lined up in sequence, shapes collected together, collections of colours gradiating from one to the next in subtle degree of change. Some might call this OCD, being ‘extra’ or being just downright ridiculous. But I think that looking at things a different way allows us to process the information differently and maybe, learn something new from it. So you can imagine how my heart leapt when I saw The Gemonetry of Pasta a book by Jacob Kenedy and Caz Hildebrand.

Did you know that there are allegedly over 300 shapes of pasta, each of which has a history, a story to tell, and an affinity with particular foods? I didn’t. But I would welcome the challege to taste each one!

The Geometry of Pasta pairs over 100 authentic recipes from critically acclaimed chef, Jacob Kenedy, with award-winning designer Caz Hildebrand’s stunning black-and-white designs to reveal the science, history and philosophy behind spectacular pasta dishes from all over Italy. Looking at the wonderful black and white illustrations instead of colourful pasta shades truly makes you view this as a science rather than an exercise in gastronomy, and thus takes the focus off the taste and helps you appreciate the beauty of these thoughtful shapes of pasta.

geometry of pasta

Adding this one to my wishlist..in case you are so inclined to spoil me!

all images via amazon

I always take a little Muji home with me..

Friends often laugh at my Muji addiction. I’ve had it since I lived in London and relied on the store for its brandless, simple but useful stationery and notebooks. My addiction is such that I am physically incapable of walking past a Muji store and not ‘popping in for a thing or two’ even if it’s just a pen or a packet of envelopes. One would think my house would be the picture of minimalistic comfort, but one would be wrong. Neverthless, that does not stop my love for all things Muji…ahh those mysterious Japanese product stickers, how I do love thee!

muji goods

Today, however, I found myself drawn to the housewares section…where I was encouraged to buy a small wooden tray { for my late morning, afternoon and evening tea by the laptop } , a teeny roll of food wrap and a case with a serrated edge for said food wrap. I love them! The tray was a purchase born for my love of the Japanese Walnut tray on Kitka’s design blog. Such a beaut.

If you are ever in Muji, or shopping it online – do not overlook the household section. It’s full of some amazing treats! { And if anyone is looking to buy me a muji gift, I am eyeing their silicone baking molds!! }.

image by cravenmaven

The Edible Selby meets Tartine

Everybody loves The Selby. How could you not? By providing a peek into the lives and homes of creative couples all over the world, Todd Selby’s images are thoughtful and yet voyeuristic – which hasn’t gone unnoticed. New York Times T Magazine is featuring a new section, ‘Edible Selby’ which features creative food people in their natural habitat shot in a way that is unmistakenly Selby-esque.

First up is San Francisco bakery, Tartine run by husband and wife team Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt. Continually rated in Zagat as Best Breakfast and Best Bakery in SF, their resume is decorated with a plethora of accolades. The Selby’s pictures invoke Pavlovian style drooling and the desire to throw my newly enforced eating regimen out of the window…

tartine by the selby

tartine by the selby

tartine by the selby

tartine by the selby

Check out more images here.

all images via edible selby

Modern Royal Commemorative plates

kk outlet plates

As a kid growing up in London, I remember many a visit to little old ladies houses and seeing their china cabinet with a collection of ‘royal commemorative plates’. There was Charles and Diana, their portraits in bold primary colours, with dates and banners and coat of arms all over. It was the height of tackiness and the pride of many a home.

kk outlet

But in today’s society the commemorative plate is hitting up a new market. Forget your nan, these plates are hipster friendly to say the least. Starting with the modern monarchs -Will’s and Kate, KK Outlet has created a collection of plates that double as serious art and national pride. I have no shame in saying I want. I really, really want.

kk outlet

See more here.

all images via kk outlet

Cars and food go together like…

vw ad by bbdo brazil

I hate adverts but I love advertising that makes you grin. Which was exactly what I did when I saw this old poster ad campaign for Volkswagen by BBDO Brazil.

vw ad by bddo brazil

vw ad by bddo brazil

vw ad by bddo brazil

How apt that the tagline for this campaign is: “For every kind off load.” A simple straightforward message in a well directed design that reminds us how our vehicles can be a daily necessity – much like the food we eat.

via fubiz

Minimalist effect in the maximalist market by Antrepo


This is one of the best things i’ve seen online..With many things in life, I can be the quintessential minimalist. One area where I don’t like fuss and muss is in the realm of design. Something clean with nice edges makes my heart sing. So you can imagine how psyched I was to see Minimalist effect in the maximalist market by Antrepo. Antrepo is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy that has an eye for simplicity and strong brand design.


Minimalist effect in the maximalist market is a quest to find alternate simple versions for the packaging of various popular international brands. Of course, my eye drifted to the food based packages…I for one LOVE the most simplest variations, which do you prefer?




Check out more at the Antrepo site.

all images via antrepo, found via its nice that