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Marti Guixe: Food Designing

marti guixe

I find myself somewhat inexplicably drawn to books about food in a graphical context. I say ‘somewhat’ because I love food and I love graphics, so this unlikely hybrid is a logical attraction. Case in point, Marti Guixe’s Food Designing an expression of food in a context a designer would appreciate.

Images of squaring potatoes, molecular structures made from olives and toothpicks and decorating cakes with graphic representations of their contents are just a few of the gems this book contains. I’m inspired, intrigued and peckish all at the same time. Definitely adding this to my wishlist.

cover image by inga knolke via corraini


I always take a little Muji home with me..

Friends often laugh at my Muji addiction. I’ve had it since I lived in London and relied on the store for its brandless, simple but useful stationery and notebooks. My addiction is such that I am physically incapable of walking past a Muji store and not ‘popping in for a thing or two’ even if it’s just a pen or a packet of envelopes. One would think my house would be the picture of minimalistic comfort, but one would be wrong. Neverthless, that does not stop my love for all things Muji…ahh those mysterious Japanese product stickers, how I do love thee!

muji goods

Today, however, I found myself drawn to the housewares section…where I was encouraged to buy a small wooden tray { for my late morning, afternoon and evening tea by the laptop } , a teeny roll of food wrap and a case with a serrated edge for said food wrap. I love them! The tray was a purchase born for my love of the Japanese Walnut tray on Kitka’s design blog. Such a beaut.

If you are ever in Muji, or shopping it online – do not overlook the household section. It’s full of some amazing treats! { And if anyone is looking to buy me a muji gift, I am eyeing their silicone baking molds!! }.

image by cravenmaven

Having Company – Anthro Style..

anthro's good companyIn this pic:
nifty napkins – $32 { for six } , nammoura dessert plates – $12 , rippled champagne flute – $14

The other day I came across this picture from the Anthropologie site that i’d bookmarked. I remember saving it for future viewing because I felt quite comforted by the atmosphere that emanated from it. This is by no means your typical table setting – it’s eclectically rustic { jute table cloth, wooden cheeseboard, fabric napkins }, juxtaposed against delicate prettiness, { rippled slender glasses, muted yet colourful plates }, in a room that appears to be lighted by a single light source, { subdued lighting is a fave of mine }.

I must say that this room looks more suited to the French or Italian countryside, and with that comes an almost overwhelming wave of gastro-memories. Apple tarts, cheeses and scallopped potatoes – all dishes that are in season now.

I hope that Anthro post more styled table settings in the future that reflect the season as well as this one does. Not to mention that its a great advert for their products!

image by anthropologie

Kitchen ReDesign Inspiration V

Oh ideal kitchen reno, oh ideal kitchen reno, wherefore art thou kitchen reno? Deny thy subway tile and refuse thy track lighting, but what is track lighting? It is neither apron fronted sink, nor wolf range nor any other part belonging to a kitchen.

Sorry. I am in the mood for a bit of the ole Bard this morn. My Kitchen ReDesign wishlist is growing almost as fast as my impatience to get this space done! I came across some items this week that spoke to my aesthetic on a geeky and design level – check them out:

kitchen redesign insp 5

1. Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter. Let’s face it. I accepted my geek-dom many years ago and unabashedly display it as it is who I am (batman decor in the kitchen? Check). So when I saw this Enterprise pizza cutter I near jumped out of my seat in joy. TNG was my most favourite of the ST franchise and to have a reminder of Capt. Picard and crew everytime I slice into a home made pizza would be this geek girls dream.

2. Culin Home Decor Knives. From time to time these beautifully engraved knives pop up on One Kings Lane and other online discount homeware sites. I particularly love the Hibiscus and Jax range..intricate and sleek!

3. An Organised Kitchen. Really this is so key. I am one of those people who can deal with organised chaos, so long as it’s ORGANISED. Disorder sends my brain into overdrive – I blame adult ADHD, so this is a key component required for my kitchen 2.0.

4. Tea Towels by Hammocks & High Tea Karen of Hammocks and High Tea is one of my most favourite tweeps! So how chuffed was I to find out that she designs tea towels?! These two in particular, Linden (left) and Maya (right) caught my eye due to their vibrant colours, { Coral is so my shade right now } and Aztec feel. Aren’t they lovely? { Psst. See Hammocks & High Tea on today’s Nate Berkus show! }

See how it all started here: Kitchen ReDesign Inspiration – the beginning and more here: Kitchen ReDesign Inspiration II and even more here and finally here.

images by think geek, culin home, home fabulous and hammocks & high tea

Kitchen ReDesign Inspiration IV

I’m still lusting over things for my newly drywalled kitchen..I think before winter hits I’m going to have to get the ball rolling on getting things into place as I am fully planning on hibernating!

kitchen redesign insp 4

1. Ikea Asker series wall system. I saw this on the Hindsvik blog this week and thought it would be an effective way to get my utensils off the work surface and on the wall – saving much needed work surface space.

2. Bose Soundock. This Sound dock creates some great sound and with the option of plugging in my Ipod OR Iphone for Pandora makes this my sound-system of choice for the kitchen over a radio.

3. Beast Feet tureen.This tureen by Anthropologie has been on my wishlist for some time – I love its formality met with whimsy and comedy.

4. H&M Tea Towels. I love the vintage look of the H&M tea towels. I haven’t seen them in the US yet but will be sure to pounce on them once they reach these shores!

See how it all started here: Kitchen ReDesign Inspiration – the beginning and more here: Kitchen ReDesign Inspiration II and even more here.

images by hindsvik, apple, anthropologie, giraffe and coquette and dove

Pineapple Sideboard

pineapple sideboard

Lately i’ve been a little obsessed with sideboards..one of those you ‘want what you can’t have’ sort of things really. This pineapple sideboard by designer Lucy Turner is so graphic and fun it would make just about any room happy.

image via lucy turner

Theurel & Thomas Maison du Macaron

theurel maison

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you would know that I love Macarons, (with a capital ‘M’), more than the average girl…there is just something about the gentle crunch as your incisors break the crusty shell and sink into the smooth ganache in the middle that makes my soul happy.

Theurel and thomas macarons

I recently came across these lovely pictures of Theurel & Thomas Maison du Macaron a macaron patisserie in Mexico. Forget sun, sand and sea, if these treats taste half as good as they look I’m heading to Mexico for the eats!

images via zoom deco found via odd sundays