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Food to Fragrance: Rose Brut Champagne Float with Raspberry Sorbet meets Marc Jacobs Eau so Fresh

mj daisy eau so fresh meets rose brut champers with sorbet

There are some designers out there whose style is instantly recognisable and whose talent is inimitable. One such designer is Marc Jacobs. His designs have a certain joie de vivre and yet the cut and hue are executed with such precision that the quality is nothing shy of high fashion. When it comes to the brand’s fragrance collection there is no exception. The packaging is always the type that dominates your counter-top with it’s strong sense of fun and the fragrance one that respectfully compliments whatever you wear. So how about what you eat?

The Fragrance
: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh. With notes that include ruby red grapefruit, raspberry, green leaves, pear, violet, wild rose, apple blossom, lychee, jasmine, musk, plum and cedar – this is a fruity yet fresh mix. I suspect that the dosage on this one is low for two reasons, the freshness of the fragrance is very apparent and the size of the bottles on sale are larger than usual at 75 and 125ml. Don’t let that deter you though, one could take it to mean that reapplication is going to be necessary and frequent BUT as a summer fragrance there is the right balance of light ‘scentedness’ and character to offset the annoyance of reapplication. Having personally worn the fragrance for a day, I will say that it is pronounced enough that it does linger on the skin. In the summer you don’t want to smell cloying, and this scent makes it smell like YOU smell good, not like you are wearing a fragrance that smells good.

The Food: Rose Brut Champagne Float with Raspberry Sorbet. A little bit dessert, a little bit sophisticated boozy party drink. Made with fresh raspberries, raspberry sorbet and chilled Rose Brut Champagne. This drink is fresh, fruity, fun yet expertly tailored.

Why it works:
The ingredients in this fragrance are so well balanced that you are empowered to focus on what you will and enjoy it for what it is. I immediately honed in on my favourite elements: the raspberry, the lychee and the wild rose. They create a fruity floralcy that is grown up yet fun. Not too dissimilar to how marc’s work has a youthful spirit and tailored edge. The idea of sorbet in Rose Champagne reflects that idea well. Certainly there is the literal fragrance { raspberry note } to flavour {raspberry sorbet } connection but the spirit of ‘fun’ is evident in putting a frozen treat { sorbet } in a tailored grown-up glass of champagne – a formal drink that usually comes out for special occasions only.

Dressing down the champagne so to speak with the inclusion of a dessert product is very marc. Something grown up, sophisticated but with a playful edge.

Fragrance Tip:
Don’t let fragrance descriptions deter you from trying them! Sometimes you hear a fragrance categorised as ‘fruity floral’ and your hatred for all things fruits make you pass by it with an upturned nose searching for something a little more floral. Stop. Turn around. And smell the fragrance first! Fragrance ingredient prejudice leads many to deprive themselves of what could be the signature fragrance of their life!

The way the ingredients are incorporated in each and every fragrance is different and sometimes just like with cooking where certain foods and seasonings enhance the flavours of other ingredients in the dish, certain olfactive ingredients enhance or temper those in the fragrance. The results can often be surprising and enchanting, creating the fragrance you have been looking for all your life. So before you write something off. Stop. Turn around. Try it. You might actually like it.

Food Tip:
Don’t be afraid to pair casual foods – ice cream, sorbets, candies or even potato chips with more sophisticated ingredients! Experiment and PLAY with food, you’re a grown up now, you can actually do that! The pairings can result in a dish you never expected that will be a welcome addition to your repertoire.

mj daisy image via nordstrom, sorbet champage by jenna


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