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Kitchen Envy: The Byron Bay beauty

Byron Bay Kitchen - Design Files

The day is almost over but it cannot end without a little Kitchen Envy. Today’s covetable offering comes from one of my favourite blogs, ‘The Design Files‘. A carefully curated blog that features interviews with some of the most thought provoking creatives in Australia, Design Files features equally as impressive images of the homes and belongings of said creatives.

This kitchen, belonging to Byron Bay resident and textile designer Rachel Bending, totally stole my heart. I found it to be a perfect balance of modern and rustic without either genre dominating – creating a space that looks approachable, homely and polished. These particular aspects tickled my fancy:

Open cubby holed shelving– I have a thing about putting things into boxes / cubbies / packages so this array of little cubbies for shelving makes my heart sing. It also gives you the opportunity to force special attention on each and every item.

Vintage fridge– Not quite sure what brand this is but the curves coupled with the flecks of blue in the crest-like logo and handle adds a nice pop of colour to what would be ‘just another vintage fridge.’

Vintage kitchen tools – That whisk! That potato masher! With just the right amount of rust to make it decorative yet useable. The green handle of the whisk reminds me of jadeite and is in sync with the subtle green that repeats through this space.

Elevated draining board I haven’t seen an elevated draining board since I roadtripped Northern Italy 14 years ago. It impressed me then and it impresses me now. While this one is only small enough to hold glasses it still provides a way to keep the work surface clear and if there is anything a cook needs is more empty counter space!

Subtle not so subtle green, white and red colour palette – Can you spot it? The whisk handle, the butter dish, the egg bowl, the cookbooks, the milk jugs, the jar lids, the tea box, the scale bowl, the canister, the backsplash – shall I go on? All are very subtle shades of either red or green creating a uniformity to the space through a variety of objects without making it look cluttered.

The whole house is divine, but the kitchen has my heart. Check out the rest of the space here.

all images via the design files


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