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Kitchen Envy: The technicolour dream..

rainbow kitchen

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s the time of the week where I drool over the delectable fabulousness that is someone elses kitchen. Despite liking colour in my life, I tend to drool over all white kitchens with the occasional shock of brick wall. I think it has something to do with the ‘clean’ aspect of an all white room, as well as the fact that it instantly makes the objects of colour, in this case food, the star attraction.

However, my white kitchen lovin’ went completely out of the window when I came across the picture above via a pinterest board. This jaw-droppingly amazing kitchen in Swedish Elle Interior magazine manages to pull of a variety of colour without creating a ‘flea market’ aesthetic which can come across as incohesive if not properly curated.

This is why I love this rainbow kitchen and ultimately, why it works:

Subtle washed wood floors – in a room this colourful, anything BUT a neutral floor would be overkill. The lightly washed wood floors add texture, its own unique identity and allow the cabinets to shine. No rug needed!

White tile backsplash – For the same reasons as the subtle flooring, it doesn’t take away from the main attraction, the cabinets and yet its subtlety in of itself makes it an anchor and silent strength in the room.

Distinct dining nook with dropped light fixture
– Lately i’ve become obsessed with the need for ‘dining space’ in the home. The obsession stems from my not having said space, but earnestly looking to create it. A dropped light pendant says one thing and one thing only – This is a dining space’. Having it in the open kitchen makes it nice and bright and dressing the dining space through neutral colours { despite mismatch furniture } prevents it from being another potential distraction from the main star.

Lack of primary colours and/ or desire to choose colours that match – Looking at these cabinets their neighbouring colours are not ones I personally would’ve thought to put together but it works. They don’t match, they shouldn’t compliment, yet somehow they do. The yellow, grey, duck egg and blue all have undertones of blueish-green, this allows them to sit together successfully. As with the bottom cupboards, the maroon to peach have undertones of reddish-pink and thus a certain uniformity.

All in all this is a bold kitchen, something I would never ever have thought to do and yet is presented so well. The empty countertop and pale white vases are not to my liking but I understand the neccesity of both in order to keep the space from looking cluttered. A good job all around. What do you think?

image via cubeme, found via pinterest


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