If you’re snowed in, this might be the perfect distraction..

So, I am sure most by now know that the North East coast in the USA has been hit by a terrible snow storm. This is about the fourth such storm we have seen this year, the major difference being, this one appears to be especially crippling. I for one haven’t even looked out the window today. Fortunate to be one of the annoyingly few who ‘work from home’ I don’t get a ‘snow-day’ but at the same token, I don’t have to deal with trudging through the snow mountains and unpleasant { currently non-existent } bus rides that inevitably ensues.

Instantly what came to mind was a post I wrote back on January 29th, when we were in the middle of the 2009 – 2010 Winter season, a recipe for Vegan Hot Chocolate by shak shuka. This recipe goes over gangbusters in the winter time…in fact I served it at my Tron party a few weeks ago and busted many a guest licking their cups like a kitten at mealtime. It’s the perfect distraction from shoveling snow / looking at the snow / lamenting the snow…so check out the original post below and give the recipe a try and if you don’t have to go out, don’t be ashamed to add a little liqueur to make it warm the cockles..

Originally posted on Jan 29th 2010

It’s freezing here right now. The weather in NY is 19F and with the windchill factor, feels in the single digits. Even though I am indoors and my radiator is bubbling away, I am still wrapped in a blanket and shivering…darn this winter! Worse still, its going to be like this all weekend. How better to ease the winter chill than with a nice mug of hot choccie..

Hot Choccie

Oh, how I wish I had picked up a tin of Maribelle’s Milk and Hazelnut hot chocolate when I was in Soho the other day! I only ordered a small cup and it was so creamy, nutty and delicious. Now that I am confined to the indoor cold I wish I could whip some up. Oh well. In the meantime I saw a recipe for Vegan Chocolat Chaud which incorporates the use of coconut milk!!! I am going to rush out and buy a tin and try this treat later on for myself.

Have a great weekend dear readers – and if you are in NY or some other frozen land, be warm and be well.


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  1. yeah that was totally me licking the hot chocolate mug…it may well have been my vegetarian tipping point!

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