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Food to Fragrance: Marc Jacobs Pear Splash meets Pear Infused Gin

mj pear splash gin accord and peargin / pear

What I love most about the seasons is how it affects people’s attitude towards food. Lately, I have seen so many { non foodies } asking for recipes, trying new ingredients and making the most of this current season that forces us to hunker down in our homes and keep warm.

However, no meal would be complete without a good libation. Alcohol not only warms the cockles, it provides us with a compliment to our meal and relaxes us. A good fragrance can do the same: compliment our attire, our mood and create in us a relaxed and inviting attitude.

A few years ago the Marc Jacobs brand started releasing a series of ‘splashes’. A limited edition fragrance in a 10oz bottle reminiscent of the after bath splashes of yesteryear with a trendy twist that smacks of ‘Marc’. One of my most favourite was the complex Pear splash released in 2007 for the summer sorbet inspired collection.

The fragrance has a very fresh fruity note to it – in large part due to the pear ingredient, the freshness though, can also be attributed to a lovely gin accord that runs through the heart of the fragrance. This gin accord gives a sophisticated alcoholic headiness to the fragrance without a boozy feel. The fragrance is then grounded and given a sensual air and longevity through the amber and musk notes that linger longer on your skin.

mj splash and pear gin cocktail

The Fragrance: Marc Jacobs Pear Splash, a unisex scent with notes of ripe pear, bergamot and lemon zest. A heart of juniper, gin accord, and freesia, finished with Musk, teakwood, and soft amber. Don’t let those warm sensual notes of amber, musk and teakwood deceive you into thinking this is a sultry evening fragrance; the scales tip in favour of the pear note and gin accord making this a very reliable light and breezy day to day fragrance especially on a bright summers day.

The Dish: Actually…the drink! A literal translation of pear infused gin is a very fitting replica of this fragrance. I paticularly liked this ‘Pearfect Times‘ pear/gin cocktail by your bella wedding.

Why it works: The fragrance has a pear-like alcohol freshness to it that gives it a distinct gender ambiguous signature that is unlike most fruity fragrances you will smell. The gin-accord note creates in me an emotional response – the feel of being in a bar, dimly lit, very New York and with plush fixtures.

The pear infused gin cocktail suits this perfectly. Not only are both the key ingredients very prevalent in this libation as they are in the fragrance, but one can imagine the environment in which you would drink this. The drink in a martini glass – chilled to the point of condensation on the outside of the glass, forcing you to hold the rim carefully for fear of it slipping out of your hand. The coolness chilling the tips of your fingers. The idea of a bar is a fitting translation of the soft amber note that is sensual and a bit dark.

Fragrance Tip: Not many people wear watches nowadays, but if you do or if you have a favourite bracelet or wristband that you wear daily it WILL affect the way your skin smells in that area. Remove it and see how your skin looks different under there from your ‘exposed’ skin. Now sniff…smells different right? Spraying fragrance on there will also make it smell ‘different’ and not necessarily in a good way. My advice, if you have to wear a watch or bracelet every day remove it as soon as you get home and don’t put it on until you are about to step out. Or better still, don’t wear it at all. Not if you want all of your skin to smell it’s best that is!

Food tip: I can be a bit of a fuss pot when it comes to choosing what I like. Brands of alcohol are no exception. There are a plethora of gin’s out there. Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire,Hendricks to name but a few. Before you commit to a bottle for your home liquor cabinet, find a great bar and try them all on for size. Ask the bartender for brand recommendations, it’s a great social excuse to ‘try a brand on for size’, your home bar will thank you for doing so.

mj splash image via conde nast, pear gin image by andre doyon.
hendricks image via esper magazine and pear image via here.


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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by craven maven, craven maven. craven maven said: Food to Fragrance: Marc Jacobs Pear Splash meets Pear Infused Gin: http://wp.me/ppxZe-100 […]

  2. i never thought about the watch-on-wrist phenomenon, but it makes perfect sense! really interesting and informative post. 🙂

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