Jamie Oliver’s fab new Iphone App..

jamies recipes

If you love to eat { which I suspect you do if you’re reading this blog }, and you have an Iphone or Ipod Touch then you will be glad to know that Jamie Oliver released his second Iphone app yesterday – Jamie’s Recipes. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?

I spent the better part of yesterday playing around with it and I must say of all the recipe apps i’ve tried, this one is by far the most aesthetically pleasing and practical.

To start with there are three videos – Jamie introducing you to the app, while standing in a bright light drool-worthy kitchen space, a lesson in knife skills that will save your pinky, { heaven knows I have had many a blood gushing knife incident in the kitchen in my lifetime..}, and a tutorial on how to place your chopping board. Jamie reassuringly walks you through this basics and get’s you set for what’s to come.

jamies recipesrecipes for free or downloadable packs for a fee

Next you have two options to select from – free recipes that come with the app or the option to download a ‘packet’ of ten recipes for $2.99. Recipe packets are varied, with categories such as ‘Brilliant Breakfast and Brunch’ to ’10 minute meals’ to ’20 minute vegetarian dishes’.

jamies recipesingredient listing that can be sent to a shopping list

Pictures of the finished product are incredibly well styled. Each comes with a summary of the dish, a list of what you will need in terms of both equipment and ingredients and a step by step ‘how-to’ guide with pictures. Then, and this is my favourite bit, with a quick click you can add all the ingredients to a shopping list for when you go to the supermarket.

jamies recipeshow-to directions

Last night, I found myself in bed, going through the Banoffee Banana Split recipe, adding it’s contents to my shopping list, then popping over to my Fresh Direct app and creating a request for the items to be delivered to my home..all from under my quilt!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have officially reached The Future.

This new app is so very easy to use, I highly recommend it and will be playing with it in the weeks and days to come. Let me know if you download it and make something delish!

images from jamieoliver.com

4 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by MasterPM, craven maven. craven maven said: Have you checked out @jamie_oliver fab new app? I have… http://wp.me/ppxZe-Xt […]

    While reading this I was reminded of HOW MUCH I LOVE ‘Banoffee Banana Pie’
    MMM… I will definitely being downloading Jamie’s app.
    Thank you

  3. Once again Jamie made a great iPhone recipes app, but this time it’s free. Check some nice screens and video on http://www.moblly.com/iPhone_Jamie_Recipes

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