Practical Conceptualism: Nacho Carbonell’s Crop Collection

crop collection

Nacho Carbonell’s work is always compelling. “I like to see objects as living organisms, imagining them coming alive and being able to surprise you with their behaviour” the Spanish born, Netherland based artist said; and his work titled Crop Collection reflects that concept well.

Intended to simulate a space inside a corn field – the crop collection consists of a group of port-hole styled, varying leg length boxes made from materials common to fields. The end result is an organic structure that fills a space without creating clutter.

It’s a concept art piece that could have practical application in the real word for those willing to accept the challenge. A sideboard, wall mounted shelves, a table – there are various things we use for storage in our kitchen. Regularly used objects reside at a height and accessibility that appeases us while lesser used but decorative things that we want seen as much as possible get relegated to the back of a shelf.

crop collection

Imagine a grouping of the Crop Collection to create a curated space of your nicest and most used kitchen pieces. It would probably look best against a bare wall (which I have in my somewhat galley kitchen ), and ideally against a shade that compliments the warm field maize tones. Or, if one’s kitchen was large enough – grouped in a space as some sort of structural art piece meets shelving system.

I can see it now – my moka in one crop box, a toaster in another, a smattering of vintage tea cups and saucers in the other and so on and so on. If only I had a nice large raw space kitchen to house these in. One can but dream!

images via nacho carbonell

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