Having Company – Anthro Style..

anthro's good companyIn this pic:
nifty napkins – $32 { for six } , nammoura dessert plates – $12 , rippled champagne flute – $14

The other day I came across this picture from the Anthropologie site that i’d bookmarked. I remember saving it for future viewing because I felt quite comforted by the atmosphere that emanated from it. This is by no means your typical table setting – it’s eclectically rustic { jute table cloth, wooden cheeseboard, fabric napkins }, juxtaposed against delicate prettiness, { rippled slender glasses, muted yet colourful plates }, in a room that appears to be lighted by a single light source, { subdued lighting is a fave of mine }.

I must say that this room looks more suited to the French or Italian countryside, and with that comes an almost overwhelming wave of gastro-memories. Apple tarts, cheeses and scallopped potatoes – all dishes that are in season now.

I hope that Anthro post more styled table settings in the future that reflect the season as well as this one does. Not to mention that its a great advert for their products!

image by anthropologie


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