The Beautiful Barbecoa

barbecoa B

Restaurants with interiors as compelling and beautiful as one’s plate are popping up all over. When the interior design vies for your attention as much as the cutlet in front of you it’s a place I know I want to be. Enter Jamie Oliver’s newest venture: Barbecoa.

I could go on about the plethora of grills and cooking methods that Barbecoa employs, { such as fire, smoke, charcoal and wood }, or even that they have an in-house butcher shop that provides efficiently butchered meats to the restaurant and sells local meat, poultry and game to the public. But really it’s ‘Our Jamie’, { in partnership with Adam Perry Lang of NY’s Daisy May fame }, so you know the eats can’t be far wrong.

Barbecoa interior

But for a minute have a gander at the sumptuous decor. The lighting design in this space is fantastic. From a medley of impressive light fixtures of varying wattage that look like they came from a sci-fi movie set to the variety of textures, { wood, metals, marble, concrete, leathers }, to the luxurious ‘lounge-ability’ of the pleated leather banquettes. The space doesn’t quite scream opulence, but rather whispers it rather hoarsely into your ear. It’s a treat; and it’s within reach.

barbecoa lights

The interior is to be credited to Tom Dixon, who is clearly evidenced to have a ‘thing’ for eye catching lighting and whatnot. His purposeful design is an array of nod’s and winks to the restaurant’s concept and location. The large pipe lights in the ceiling give a nod to the organ pipes of nearby St. Paul’s Cathedral, the cage banquettes structured like campfire seating. Cracked plaster walls invoke an Adobe environment – associated with good old fashion rustic cooking. It’s rather clever and definitely a place on my list for the next time I’m in London – if not for the eats, then definitely for the design.

images via we heart and barbecoa


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