Fondue-ing it at Pure Green Magazine

pure green living holiday 2010 fondue spread

The new issue of Pure Green Living dropped earlier this week and its the best one yet. Gift suggestions from some great bloggers, a house tour and interview with the ever design discerning Hindsvik and of course great eats.

I have never had fondue. Can you believe that? I love chocolate and I love cheese but I’ve never fondue’d it up either at home or at a restaurant. In efforts to fix that I have been on a { long & fruitless } search for a Michael Lax Copco fondue set on ebay. Once I get my fondue pot I will be making the delicious sounding chocolate fondue with amaretto recipe in Pure Green Magazine. YUM!

image via pure green magazine


2 Responses

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for posting about the new issue of the mag! Your help is appreciated more than you know! And you REALLY need to try fondue. You will fall in love…prepare for a long evening filled with lots of drinks, an everlasting meal (seriously), and tons of laughter and good fun! Enjoy!!!! Let me know when you do try it!

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