Good enough to eat…

Anthro Floating Sparks Cardi vs Strawberry Jam

Very few condiments exude the pure, sweet, nostalgia that Strawberry Jam does. It’s with you in your childhood as a dollop in the center of your rice pudding, present in your adult years when its spooned onto the perfectly toasted piece of crusty bread and is a staple in old age – as a taste that catapults you back to the memories of your youth. Scarlet in it’s hue, you aren’t alarmed that it’s the colour of danger, because it’s more like the colour of the love hearts you drew as a kid. Oh and did I mention how good it tastes?!

Anthropologie’s Autumn 2010 collection really speaks to how to do knit well. It can be feminine not bulky and in tones that don’t reflect the grimness of the impending winter. Red, sadly, is not my colour when it comes to clothing – but this cardigan has my heart. The detail from waist to chin are cute, the pockets charming, it has a little girl lost feel that will take you through the lower temps of the season. Like most of Anthropolgie’s photo shoots the picture is evocative. Like strawberry jam.

image via effortless anthropologie and tea for two


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