The SoupaMan


When I was in the throes of last weeks bout of flu, I didn’t want to eat, sleep, sit or do anything really. When I felt like eating, I was too weak to cook and I wasn’t going to call the Chinese for delivery – as is characteristic with flu, I just felt completely miserable. I got to wondering about fast food and/or delivered food. Why is it always so crap?! Too much sodium, preservatives, additives, greasiness or just plain ‘plastic’ ( as I like to call chemicals ) ingredients.

Surely, I couldn’t have been the only person to wonder this and I was pleased to discover that I wasn’t. The SoupaMan is a gourmet soup delivery company based in Victoria, Australia.

Using fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farmers their soups are created using homemade stock. This is the perfect answer to a sick day in bed, a soup starter for your multi course dinner party or when you are snowed in…well maybe not in Australia but here for sure!

For variety, the soup menu rotates on a weekly basis and to top it off, you can buy a ‘subscription’ service so that a new, fresh soup is delivered to your home or work each week, or as often as you like.

I think this concept is great and would definitely have a market in the every food conscious, comfort loving { read, ‘self indulgent’ } New York City.

image via soupaman

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