Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: It’s Just Noey!

Just Noey has been a blog favourite for a little while now. Created by London based Parul Arora – her coasters and plates have been talked up all over and for good reason. This illustrator / animator / photographer presents her talents in a medium that defies their original purpose. Instead of a polaroid pictures, she makes polaroid ceramic coasters; plates serve as her canvas instead of a sketch pad. The result is a playful output to an everyday object.

just noey

1. C Plate…decorated with little cakes of course! – $35.50 // 2. Pink Monsta polaroid coaster – $10 // 3. M Plate – $35.50 // 4. Post a Plate – Analog Love – $28 // 5. My Cuppa Clothesline Mug – $15.60

Of course I HAD to go with plates ‘C’ and ‘M’ for my intials..and I love this particular Polaroid coaster as I adore DOMO monsters. Finally, the ‘postcard’ plate is the perfect size and layout for a sushi lunch.. I can’t wait to see what’s next from Just Noey!

all images just noey


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