Kitchen Envy: Daniel & Valeria of Hindsvik

If you follow me on twitter, this weeks kitchen envy will come as no surprise. Near every week I tweet the lovely Daniel & Valeria of Hindsvik asking, ‘Is it done yet?!’ as though an impatient child but for good reason. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you would know that their store, Hindsvik is host to some of the most visually pleasing home and house wares of the mod era and yesteryear. When they announced that they were going to be revamping their kitchen I was sure that the end results would be nothing short of interesting and sure enough their reveal this week was worth waiting for:

hindsvik dining nook

The inclusion of this dining nook was a great idea. There used to be a doorway where the fridge currently stands believe it or not. By closing it up there is space for a kewl vintage fridge, dining table and practical/decorative storage. Keeping the palette muted and woods simple it echos the aesethetic that is prevalent through the rest of the house and creates a cohesive united home and I like that. I hate when kitchens look completely different from the rest of the house, as it is one room that often is the most used (if you’re cooking right!). The plywood floors and wall mounted cabinetry mimic the feel of the ones in the bedroom.

hindsvik kitchen

Simple small open shelving allow for the display of some of their great vintage wares like that grey Japanese tea pot that has me salivating!

Hindsvik Close Ups

The small tiles remind me of a subtle brick wall..and go appropriately with the painted brick chimney stack that is exposed (bottom pic). It’s all about tying things in for me and that maybe intentional move makes me smile.
I’d never seen the ikea rail shelves before, but now I do I really want them! They would be a great addition in my tiny kitchen wherein I have my overflowing cutlery holder on the stove top!

hindsvik salt and pepper shaker

It’s all in the details. This is one thing that I really love about Hindsvik, while their spaces may seem spare the details are giant in their complexity and design. This Normann Copenhagen salt and pepper shaker from another favourite of mine, Mjolk, looks more like a small sculpture than a functional day to day object. Great job on the kitchen reno guys! Can’t wait to see what you cook up next. (Pun FULLY intended).

all images via hindsvik


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