The things i’ve eaten this week..

World go Vegan week is almost over. With just two days to go I am amazed I lasted this long..I do love my cheeses, yogurts and milk chocolate. Truth be told, I had a nagging withdrawl headache for a couple of days…perhaps from no chocolate? It’s anyones guess. Nevertheless, it’s been an interesting week and made me think about doing this again but for longer.

If you follow me on twitter or snappetite you would have seen some of the things i’ve been eating. I don’t post every day as sometimes it’s just leftovers or been consumed too fast for me to remember to take a pic…yep, i’m THAT craven. Here are a few of my faves from this past week:

world go vegan week

Clockwise from top left:
– Roasted Acorn squash stuffed with couscous and mixed veg, Vegan Oatmeal Chip made by my vegan friend and nettle tea, Vegan mac n cheese (made with nutritional yeast) and tofu stir fry, Whole grain toast and natural peanut butter

For what I eat through Sunday keep an eye on my snappetite. And for the weekend recipe, how about YOU try a vegan dish? Here is a recipe for the best vegan mac n cheese in the entire world..seriously.

One thing i’ve come to realise this week is that eating vegan (apart from all the animal friendly reasons some may have), is just like experimenting the food of another culture. I love Indian food, Thai, Japanese and trying vegan is like sampling something from another land. I think from here on in, I will try to regularly incorporate a vegan dish into my usual weekly menu and be more gastronomically open minded – in the very least it will be a fun adventure.

images by cravenmaven


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