Kitchen Envy: The Movie Kitchen

The cottage kitchen in The Holiday

I love the film The Holiday, not because it’s the greatest film ever written, not by a long shot, but because it made me feel genuinely warm and fuzzy everytime there is a scene in or around the cottage home belonging to Kate Winslet’s character. The home was through and through my dream space. Some may find cottages pokey and dark but thats what makes it comfy in my opinion. Check out the picture of it above! I love it because:

– Despite its small size it still has space for a dining area. Though I don’t like the very country inspired dining table and chair the ability to have a dining area for small dinner parties is perfect for this cook!

– The un-sheetrocked stone walls remind you of the structure you are in. They add a nice textural touch and exacerbate the ‘cave-like’ feel that a cottage can have. Yeah, I said ‘cave-like’ like it is a good thing.

– A working fireplace with a shelf mantle. A fireplace in the kitchen?! The last time I actually saw a beauty like this up close and personal was when I travelled to La Spezia, Italy on a road trip. I tell you now, in the winter, this is a thing of glory. Throw some wood on the flame and enjoy the warmth and odor of winter bark. I can just imagine days, evenings sat around the table, fire roaring, eating a roast/dessert/book and soaking up the sounds of crackle and fizz..bliss.

– I love the colour of the cabinets like you wouldn’t believe. They are actually a shade not too dissimilar to the colour of my living room walls, there is something about blue and gray that I have found reassuring and homelike since I was a kid. It’s feminine in the kitchen but not overly so. There is ample storage space in this kitchen for me at least, if I were to live here I would nix the rolling cart on the left of the picture and just place ‘treasured’ china and wares on the mantle shelves but that’s neither here nor there. All in all this space has the bones of something I’d love to have.

image via hooked on houses


2 Responses

  1. Ha ha! I love The Holiday! I’ve seen it waaaaaay too many times, sometimes I just watch the scene where Kate Winslet lands in LA and her taxi drives (the wrong way) along the coast. Love California. Love that scene!!

    And you’re right, her cottage is precious. If only it really existed! Love the bathroom too, with the slipper bath tub. But the kitchen is the best room. So cute. And the little old gas stove…

    OK. I need to calm down. Although maybe I’ll go to bed now and watch it on my laptop…

    • haha I hope you enjoyed seeing it again 😉

      Was it only the exterior of that cottage that was real? I swear that kitchen, the bathtub…when I saw it, I near moved back to the UK..insane. Perfect. All of it. And the film – I was going through a Jude phase when it came out so nuff said!

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