You are cordially invited to a blooming tea party..

tea punchtea punch

Last week I popped by my dear friends at Loopy Mango in Soho who were throwing a blooming tea party. “Blooming” I questioned? It wasn’t like them to use a British colloquialism, but upon further investigation I realised the description was literal.

Loopy Tea Party

Jane London presented a selection of blooming teas. Made from high altitude silver needle green tea leaves, with hand stitched freshly dried flowers enabling the tea to literally bloom in water. The tea leaves brew gently and leave no bitter aftertaste when steeped. The choice of floral affects the tone of the tea – jasmine is bright and blooming, while marigold had a bit more of an earthy taste.

Jane, pictured above, is the owner of Tea Beyond and was so passionate and informative about her teas. It was a real treat to learn from her about the nature of florals and high altitude tea leaves as well as the inspiration behind her work. Her signature drink the Tea Punch (pictured top) was an amazing blend of juices, tea , tequila and vodka. Separately these flavours are familiar, together they are a heady bouquet of subtle smokiness and floralcy.

I picked up a packet of blooming teas for myself and can’t wait to start incorporating it into whatever recipe I can.

Loopy Mango Store

The only distraction from the teas was the wonderful collection of curiosities that deck out Loopy Mango. From mid-high priced fashion to antiques to canoes and motorcycles ( a celeb popped in to enquire the price..), Waejong Kim and Anna Pulvermakher curate a selection of amazing things that will create signature to your style or your home. Anyone who is a creative should make a point of visiting Loopy Mango. The inventory changes often and is always unique.

Loopy Mango sells Tea Beyond blooming teas in all their varieties.

tusk tuskmusic entertainment was provided by the lads of tusk tusk

images by cravenmaven, loopy mango and tea beyond


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  1. thanks thanks gal!! Great shots and post!!

    Happy Hollyween!!;)))

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