Food Stylin: Mark Menjivar


Welcome back guest blogger Liz as she features another great foodie photog!

This week was arduous toil in the search for inspiring food photography. All of my efforts kept turning up Jpeg after tiresome Jpeg of oversculpted hamburgers and cliched Bento boxes. I was beginning to despair of encountering a photographer that actually had a gastronomic story to tell.

Enter Mark Menjivar. After a series of desperate clicks from a Portland Oregon Illustrator to an obscure Pacific Northwestern foodzine to a dozen other links pages I couldn’t even keep track of, I found a thumbnail image of an open freezer filled with red meat. It was startling, and gory, and its graphic quality made me anxious to know the story behind it. His name was captioned at the bottom after a swift cut-and-paste into a search engine I landed at his website and portfolio.



Not only were the simple, real refrigerators and freezers arranged so gracefully and without pretension, but they were telling a story – painting a portrait of a real, human eater and what they nourished themselves with every day.

production designer

all images by mark menjivar


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