Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard

Def leppard

I was an eighties child through and through. To make matters worse..or in some opinions, better, I was raised in a family that was incredibly diverse and open minded when it came to musical tastes. When I was 5 years old I saved enough money to buy my first two LP’s, they were the Jungle Book Soundtrack and Bob Marley’s Exodus album. Yes. I was 5.

That pretty much gives you an explanation of my somewhat schizophrenic music tastes throughout my childhood and up to today. Which brings me to one of my favourite songs ever – appropriately it’s foodie based but would you expect anything else?

Pour Some Sugar on Me was a hit in 1987 by the long haired, acid washed jean wearing band Def Leppard who were funnily enough from Sheffield don’t you know! This song reached number 2 in the US charts and top 20 in the UK..not too shabby for a song that was an afterthought on Def’s Hysteria album.

Enjoy the song, have a great foodie weekend and be good!

image source unknown


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