Good enough to eat!

If you follow me on Pintrest, then you know I have a board called ‘good enough to eat’ that is brimming with great fashion shots. While food may be my first love, fashion has always been my scrumpet and when I look at a great outfit I always find a way to correlate it to what I want on my plate.

Therefore, I thought it was high time I share with you dear blog readers the food and fashion pairings that make me drool.

monique lhullier vs tomato soup and cream

I’m not usually a fan of red, but these trousers pop and gleam on the runway. Paired with an intricate pure white top its like the textured dollop of cream on a rich vegetarian tomato soup – recipe here.

Keep your eyes peeled for more unique ‘Good enough to eat’ pairings!

fashion: monique l’hullier 2011 via nymag, tomato soup with a dash of cream by real simple


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  1. i didn’t know you were on pinterest…i shall most certainly follow you now!

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