Food Stylin’: The Mystery NY Bodega Stylist

mystery bodega food stylist

(You may have noticed the last few food stylin’ on Thursday submissions were ‘inspired by Liz’. Liz is a dear photog friend of mine who is a woman of many words and sometimes a woman of none. She always has an eye for style and a heart for good food. I’m pleased to announce that starting today she will be a regular contributor to the Craven Maven blog – exposing us to the work of unique and intriguing food stylists. Please welcome Liz!)

This week’s celebrity food stylist in the making is a person of mystery. While walking past a local bodega in the West Village I spied some of the most artistically arranged foodstuffs I’d ever seen. I snapped a couple of photos and promised myself to return after work.

mystery bodega food stylistartfully arranged packets of tomatoes meets neat rows of water versus super-organised pumpkins

mystery bodega food stylist

When I came back in the evening to investigate, none of the staff were able to tell me the identity of the person who sets up the produce stand. They all looked at me a bit oddly and declared that the bins and shelves had simply “always been that way.” I’m thinking that there’s a talented night stockist just waiting to become the food world’s Next Big Thing…

mystery bodega food stylistpomegranates, apples and plums arranged by hue while green and orange pop throughout the store

Hmm..I wonder who the mystery bodega food stylist is…maybe a late shift worker who uses symmetry and colour to keep him/her awake in the wee hours?!

thanks liz!!

All images by Liz


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