Linda Lundgren Food Stylist

When it comes to food styling, the appeal is often how delicious the dish looks. Does it make me want to grab a fork and dive in? Does it cause me to salivate in an almost Pavolvian response? Very rarely do we look for our food to be works of art in of themselves, somethng food stylist Linda Lundgren masters beautifully.

L Lundgren Purplechocolates, figs, prunes, cabbage and some

Linda Lundgren is a Swedish painter and food stylist whose work is clever, joyful and provides little-kid fascination within the details of her arrangements. It takes playing with ones food to another level.

L Lundgren Red Bluethe hues are near perfect

L Lundgren Yellow Greenthe luscious greens make me want to nibble

Check out more of her work on her agency website.

Thanks to Liz for the post inspiration!!
images via agent bauer


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