Kitchen Envy: The Comma Group kitchen via Adore Magazine

adore mag kitchen

A new online shelter magazine has joined the fray { goodness I feel like I say that every week… } . Aussie based mag Adore Home launched this past week and it lived up to the name. I was highly impressed by the content, format, design and quality of writing. You know a mag is good when you read it and want to write and shoot pics for it!

But to the kitchen. The space belongs to the Comma Group, based in Daylesford Victoria the Comma Group provides a space to pause, relax and take a break. The home is a lovely peaceful looking retreat designed by Matt Martino and overflows with his artwork and lovely second hand finds. The kitchen is divine, and this is why I love it:

– Ok, how THICK is the marble on that kitchen island?? Seriously you could drop a school bus on there and it would just bounce off! Ok..maybe that is an exaggeration but you get my drift. I love white veined marble and to see a slab like that has me salivating as though it were a serving of Roquefort. Visually delicious!

– I love a chalkboard wall as much as the next person, but what I love is what seems to be on this wall. A hand drawn ‘map’ of the local area and places of interest to stop off at on the way. Genius idea for a rental home – the kitchen is the perfect place for guests to eat brekkie and plan their daily excursions.

– Those beautiful sprawling wood floors are a treat. I detest lino in the kitchen and sometimes am not so hot about tiled floors. Wood floors make the space feel homey.

– That honking beast of a range makes me smile. It looks like a six burner …ahh six burners! Imagine the possibilities of multitasking that allows for! I ❤ it. I truly do.

If you are travelling to Australia any time soon and have interest to rent this space go to the Comma Group website for more info and more pictures.

image by dianna snape via adore home magazine


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