Deth P. Sun + Food Journal + Tiny Showcase = HECK YES!

deth p sun

You read correctly dear friends, readers and blogships. Stop everything you are doing right now and listen up. Tonight at 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time, Tiny Showcase will be dropping a limited edition Deth P. Sun Food Zine. WHAT THE WHAT? You say? Exactly.

Artist Deth ‘concluded a food journal in which he documented everything he ate (including a few meals with this humble author), and then compiled it into a zine that reads kind of like a Richard Scary picture book of contemporary eating, or the Cat in the Hat Encyclopedia of Snacks.

This zine (weighing in at 28 60lb pages with a 80lb card stock cover) comes with a stunning new Deth P. Sun print.

Have your trigger finger *ready at 7:30pm EST, cos getting this zine is going to be a showdown!

*Just my luck I have an engagement tonight at 7:30pm… this should be interesting.

image via tinyshowcase


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