The New Brooklyn Cookbook event tonight!

the new brooklyn cookbook

If you live in or around Brooklyn NY, you’ve probably heard from local blogs and newspapers about a new book in town. A cookbook. Conceived by Brendan and Melissa Vaughn, The New Brooklyn Cookbook is a collection of recipes and stories from 31 restaurants in and around Brooklyn. I think its only fitting that such a book come out at this point of Brooklyn’s culinary exploration, a Brooklynite can quite literally indulge in any and every cuisine in their borough at a quality that rivals that of Manhattan. I personally think that the ever evolving, ever adventurous restaurants popping up in the borough are accounting for the ongoing renaissance that permeates many formerly unsavoury neighbourhoods.

With recipes such as Marlow and Sons brick chicken, The Good Fork‘s steak and eggs – Korean style, Flatbush Farm’s molten chocolate cake and No. 7’s butterscotch pudding – this book comes just in time for the hibernation inducing winters NY suffers.

The pictures were shot by the talented Michael Harlan Turkell of edible brooklyn/edible manhattan fame. If you are interested in meeting the writers they will be at the Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO tonight from 7p-9p to launch the book and have a chat. Check here for more info and to rsvp.

images via hot bread kitchen


2 Responses

  1. Wow, look at the inside of that building! I remember when it was a dump and they were still fixing that. It’s beautiful. I wish I would have known this earlier. I have to work until six and won’t make it in time to go. But the book sounds really cool. Something I’d like to get. Love cookbooks. 😀 Even if I don’t really get to cook much.

    • Yeah its pretty kewl there now. I wish I could go but I cannot alas..I do want the cook book also lol. Its weird, i never really get cookbooks and in the past week ive had about 4 on my wishlist!

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