Fatboys: All You Can Eat

The fatboys

Today’s musical interlude comes from 80’s rap group The Fatboys. In 1985 their single “All You Can Eat” made an appearance on the Krush Groove Original Soundtrack.

1985 is my earliest memory of visiting NYC and seeing breakdancers on the street, blaring rap and busting a move. This song therefore, evokes some really good old memories of my youth. I also found it fitting considering the rather restrictive menu plan i’ve exerted upon myself for this week..it truly WASN’T all I could eat!

On October 18, 2010 the cable network “TV One’s” aired “UNSUNG: The Story of The Fat Boys,” and mentioned the 2 surviving members: Mark Morales and Damon Wimbley have reunited and are currently touring with Doug E. Fresh temporarily filling in for the ‘HumanBeatbox.’ So if you want to hear these guys live..you just might be able to. In the meantime, enjoy the clip off ‘All you can eat’ on youtube.

image via amazon.com


The things i’ve eaten this week..

World go Vegan week is almost over. With just two days to go I am amazed I lasted this long..I do love my cheeses, yogurts and milk chocolate. Truth be told, I had a nagging withdrawl headache for a couple of days…perhaps from no chocolate? It’s anyones guess. Nevertheless, it’s been an interesting week and made me think about doing this again but for longer.

If you follow me on twitter or snappetite you would have seen some of the things i’ve been eating. I don’t post every day as sometimes it’s just leftovers or been consumed too fast for me to remember to take a pic…yep, i’m THAT craven. Here are a few of my faves from this past week:

world go vegan week

Clockwise from top left:
– Roasted Acorn squash stuffed with couscous and mixed veg, Vegan Oatmeal Chip made by my vegan friend and nettle tea, Vegan mac n cheese (made with nutritional yeast) and tofu stir fry, Whole grain toast and natural peanut butter

For what I eat through Sunday keep an eye on my snappetite. And for the weekend recipe, how about YOU try a vegan dish? Here is a recipe for the best vegan mac n cheese in the entire world..seriously.

One thing i’ve come to realise this week is that eating vegan (apart from all the animal friendly reasons some may have), is just like experimenting the food of another culture. I love Indian food, Thai, Japanese and trying vegan is like sampling something from another land. I think from here on in, I will try to regularly incorporate a vegan dish into my usual weekly menu and be more gastronomically open minded – in the very least it will be a fun adventure.

images by cravenmaven

Good enough to eat..

Stella McCartney top and skirt vs vanilla cream

I am loving this Stella McCartney top and skirt which reminds me of whipped vanilla cream…mmmmm…vanilla. Check out the recipe for vanilla creme here and add it to your apple pie or fresh fruit.

image by street peeper, vanilla cream via food network

Food Stylin’ : Vegan Happy

vegan cupcake

In honor of Vegan Week, I hunted down a photographer stylist from the UK specializing in animal product-free food styling. I found Chava Eichner of flavourphotos.com.

vegan sweet treats

Based in Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford upon Avon, this vegan food enthusiast creates images of dainty desserts taking you back to childhood, yet with the knowledge that every sprinkled doughnut and cupcake contains nothing to violate your grown-up conscience. Sit back and smile at the sight of some simple, sweet treats.

-by Liz

all images via flavourphotos

Kitchen Envy: The Movie Kitchen

The cottage kitchen in The Holiday

I love the film The Holiday, not because it’s the greatest film ever written, not by a long shot, but because it made me feel genuinely warm and fuzzy everytime there is a scene in or around the cottage home belonging to Kate Winslet’s character. The home was through and through my dream space. Some may find cottages pokey and dark but thats what makes it comfy in my opinion. Check out the picture of it above! I love it because:

– Despite its small size it still has space for a dining area. Though I don’t like the very country inspired dining table and chair the ability to have a dining area for small dinner parties is perfect for this cook!

– The un-sheetrocked stone walls remind you of the structure you are in. They add a nice textural touch and exacerbate the ‘cave-like’ feel that a cottage can have. Yeah, I said ‘cave-like’ like it is a good thing.

– A working fireplace with a shelf mantle. A fireplace in the kitchen?! The last time I actually saw a beauty like this up close and personal was when I travelled to La Spezia, Italy on a road trip. I tell you now, in the winter, this is a thing of glory. Throw some wood on the flame and enjoy the warmth and odor of winter bark. I can just imagine days, evenings sat around the table, fire roaring, eating a roast/dessert/book and soaking up the sounds of crackle and fizz..bliss.

– I love the colour of the cabinets like you wouldn’t believe. They are actually a shade not too dissimilar to the colour of my living room walls, there is something about blue and gray that I have found reassuring and homelike since I was a kid. It’s feminine in the kitchen but not overly so. There is ample storage space in this kitchen for me at least, if I were to live here I would nix the rolling cart on the left of the picture and just place ‘treasured’ china and wares on the mantle shelves but that’s neither here nor there. All in all this space has the bones of something I’d love to have.

image via hooked on houses

The Castello Plan

The Castello Plan

The Castello Plan is an early city map of Lower Manhattan (New York City) from 1660, created by Jacques Cortelyou, surveyor of New Amsterdam at that time. The Castello Plan is a wine and tapas bar in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Both statements are true but the second one decidedly tastier. With an outdoor space that lends itself to the type of informal conversation that evokes community spirit established by the neighbouring farmers market; by time we sat down we’d already shared a giggle with a toddler dining with his parents and the patrons of the neighbouring table.

Castello Plan Montage

The vibe was spot on, very laid back, very local, and without pretension. The food was well presented, my friend had a charcuterie served on a chopping block and I had a roasted beet salad. We followed up with ‘espresso cups’, tiny fluted chocolate cups filled with warm Belgian chocolate spiked with smoky paprika, sweet lime & spicy cayenne sauces. They were surprisingly good and exotic enough to be a real conversation item and tongue pleaser! I’m pretty sure all five areas of my taste-buds were activated with this dessert!

espresso cupsespresso cups

I will definitely be going back here..the decor is very woodsy – quite literally as the pictures show – and in winter it will be perfect for nice warm glasses of mulled wine and nibbles. Oh, and not to be forgotten – the wait staff were super lovely and appropriately conversational, I hope the waiter wins the ‘inside game’ he let us be privy to…The Castello Plan is a great example that good eats and a kewl atmosphere can be had outside of the Slope and ‘burg.

images via brooklyn hearth, brownstoner, flickr & the castello plan

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Ethan Ollie

I +fave and bookmark on etsy so much so that sometimes something good falls through the cracks. One such ‘something good’ is the store Ethan Ollie. The vintage wares in this store are clearly pre-loved but contain enough character to bring story to your space and not junk. I spied a few houseware pieces that got my heart racing..I hope they do the same for you.

ethan ollie

1. Mid-century Turkish pot – $30
2. Vintage handmade apple baker – $29
3. Vintage enamel pot – $20
4. Vintage Flask and case – $29
5. Vintage German wine bottle – $10
6. Vintage hand painted tray – $15

Not only are the wares lovely but the shots have a beautiful atmosphere. If you buy anything let me know…a choice few items are going on my wishlist for sure!

all images ethan ollie