Stylin’ Food Stylist: Catrine Kelty

Catrine Kelty - Cauliflower

Sometimes I wonder if our background and surroundings have a powerful influence on the way we view food – literally. Clearly it has some bearings on our discriminating palette but what about presentation? Especially if it is our vocation. Consider the work of one Catrine Kelty.

Catrine Kelty - Clafoutis Tort

Born in Paris, raised in Montreal, and currently based in Boston, Ms. Kelty’s culinary still-life work showcases foods in an inviting, accessible way. The result of her continental upbringing? Possibly, but whether it is or not, there is a certain something about it that truly appeals and makes the mouth water.

 Catrine Kelty - Grilled Figsgrilled figs… be still my heart

 Catrine Kelty - Piegood ole good ole apple pie

Catrine Kelty - CollanderI don’t even like spaghetti but this picture makes me want it..

Thanks to Liz for this post inspiration!!
all images via catrine kelty


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