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What’s cooking my *blogships?

There was some really great stuff knocking around the blogosphere last week. Here are a few of my foodie favourites.

Jonathon Saunders Spring Summer 2011

blogroll category: fashiony
blog name/url: dear golden
blogger: lauren
post i loved: eye candy,almost literally

See that dress in the middle? Quite possibly the most ultimate tea party dress EVER.

wooden ice cream scoops

blogroll category: foodie
blog name/url: forty sixth at grace
blogger: nikole
post i loved: september, september

If you are unfamiliar with forty sixth at grace, become familiar with it. Though not listed on my blog roll I do read this blog at least once a week. Nikole writes amazing posts about food, life and the wonderful stuff she (and her father) whittles in the name of amazingness. (You have probably seen her wooden cake stands on many a design blog that she sells via her store herriott grace). Anyways, the wooden ice cream scoops certainly have caught my eye, not least because of their warm hues and subtle woodgrain.

sarah wilson sorts her drawers

blog name/url: sarah wilson
blogger: sarah
post i loved: sunday life: in which oprah’s declutter dude peter walsh visits my apartment

Another one not on my blogroll but that you should know. Sarah Wilson, an Aussie personality and blogger writes some interesting stuff and last week wasn’t an exception. A visit from Peter Walsh, the ‘dude’ who delcutters for no less than a certain Ms. Oprah Winfrey. Yes, Ms. Oprah, ‘i’m gonna give everyone in my studio audience a free flight to Australia’ Winfrey. Oprah is serious business and Mr. Walsh’s declutter tips are too. My fave:

That second drawer down in the kitchen? Empty it into a bucket. Over the next month, as you use an item, return it to the drawer. At the end of a month, anything that’s still unused in the bucket, toss.

Now to put it to practice….

ikea cookbook almond bivalve ingredients

ikea cookbook cinnamon buns ingredients

ikea cookbook almond bivalve

blogroll category: foodie
blog name/url: craftzine via the kitchn
post i loved: swedish ikea cookbook

Aw snap! I do love me some ikea…in part because its in so many homes around the world it makes this ‘big blue marble‘ seem more like a ‘community’. But an ikea cookbook? Unfortunately it’s currently only available in Sweden (unfortunate for everyone but the Swedes), but in the meantime, check out this brilliant ‘ingredient’ images that are bouncing around the net.

*blogships is a mash up of the words blog and friendships. however, not all of the blogs mentioned are friends of mine. or even remotely know who I am..

all images from the respective blogs mentioned


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