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What’s cooking my *blogships?

A round up of some of my favourite food posts from my favourite blogs in the past week.

Crumbs Dinner Baba Ganouh

blogroll category: foodie
blog name/url: crumbs for dinner
blogger: grania
post i loved: baba ganoush

A new blog to the round up. I came across Crumbs for dinner last week when checking out some nifty Brit-Blogs. Grania is a talented London blogger by night and researcher by day. Check out her posts for great inspiriations of what you could be making for dinner – and trust me, its more than mere crumbs!
Her post about Baba Ganoush was a good one..in part because every time I see or hear the words Babaganoush this song comes to mind. I need help. Anyhow, she makes BabaG seem so easy to make – I don’t know why I’ve never tried to do so..but now, this recipe has been added to my ‘must make list’. Read more from Crumbs for dinner here.

hindsvik go to the farmers market

blogroll category: designy
blog name/url: hindsvik
blogger: daniel and valeria
post i loved: Farmers’ Market Goods

I love me some farmer’s market. I have way to many pictures on my phone of goods i’ve procured from them, not to mention pictures of stalls for ‘future reference’, in case I occasion upon them at a different market location. The idea of buying produce that was made or grown locally and have the opportunity to converse with the maker/cultivator I personally find very valuable. It makes me hope this ‘trend’ of Farmer’s markets is a lasting one.
I’ve not ever been to one in Canada, but last week I lived vicariously through hindsvik. Their trip to the farmers market resulted in some drool-worthy pictures like the two above. But there are much much more..check the rest of the pictures out on the hindsvik blog.

Frankie Diary

blogroll category: mags
blog name/url: via daydream lily
blogger: lily, daydreaming..
post i loved: frankie diary

I love Frankie Magazine and always pick up a copy when I travel to Australia. It’s crafty, creative, interesting and inspiring. Their aesthetic is illustrative but cute – like a girl wearing bunny ears and a tattoo of the schmeatics to the bat cave, (what?? I find that kewl!). While reading through Aussie blogger Lily’s site, I came across a post announcing the release of Frankie’s new 2011 diary.
I love a tangible diary – for writing in my dinner dates, cafe rendezvous as well as note what to cook when and what recipes/new cooking product to look up. I always have a diary open on my desk to peruse my week, nay my life ‘at a glance’. This new Frankie diary would be great for my 2011 food exploits. See how to order it via here.

*blogships is a mash up of blog friendships. however, not all of the blogs mentioned are friends of mine. or even remotely know who I am..

all images from the respective blogs mentioned


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