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How mad was that?

Old FashionsI made Old Fashion’s! And boy were they gooood!

So…Friday proved to be a little nutso at the cravenmaven HQ and I found myself with no time to bake for the Mad Men party. Scrambling around for goods to take I asked myself, what would happen if Mad Men came to London? Well there is only ONE thing they would drink…Pimms of course! Thankfully I had a bottle and after a brief trip to the supermarket I had the goods to make Pimms and Old Fashion’s – both of which went over very well. Only one person had had Pimm’s before and was super stoked to get the chance to have it again.

PimmsPimms – with fresh mint leaves, orange, cucumber and lemon slices

I also whipped up a batch of ‘Mum’s French friends dessert’..I call it that because my mum would always make it, and never knew what it was called..but as her French friend gave her the recipe the rather specific descriptive name just stuck. It’s a yummy dessert thats great if you are short on time. It didn’t last long enough for me to take a picture! But here is one small serving the morning after no less:

Mum's French Friends dessertMum’s French friends dessert


Vanilla Angel Delight Mousse
Whipping cream
Tea Biscuits
A very strong cup of coffee / Espresso
Coffee Liqueur
Trifle Bowl


Whip the angel delight mousse substituting 70% of the milk with whipping cream. This works out at about 200ml of whipping cream and 100ml of milk per sachet used. Whip till nice and creamy…if it gets too thick then add more milk until the consistency is nicely thick and fluid. Set aside.

Soak the biscuits in a shallow bowl filled with the espresso (if you want you can add a dash of coffee liqueur at this point). Do not let the biscuits get soppy!! I usually dip them in the coffee mix then pull them out quickly. In a trifle bowl place a layer of the coffee boozy biscuits on the bottom, top with a layer of the vanilla mousse – alternate, biscuit layer and mousse layer until you reach the top of the bowl. The uppermost layer should be the mousse. Top with fresh berries – I like a mix of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Refrigerate until dessert time.

It literally takes 20 mins to make this dessert but tastes like it took so much more..I like to serve it in my old vintage Mikasa teacups, just because.

So that’s the Mad Men party done..next on the to-do list is a Chuck Season opener party…any ideas for what treats to make?

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4 Responses

  1. for Chuck, I’m thinking something with Cheese Puffs…he eats them a lot on the show. Then, something granola-based in honor of Capitan Awesome. Red wine to represent his sister Ellie, and a frozen yogurt bar for secret agent Sarah. πŸ™‚

  2. I think the Pimms just might have changed my life! Sooo delish!

    Great to see you again, girl!


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