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Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Packing lunch. Not heat.

If you close your eyes and pretend, then no one has to know its actually Wednesday ok? Ok.

A day late but not a dollar short, no sirree..it’s been what those in the industry call ‘one o’ dem weeks’, where industry is, uhm, everyone. So this weeks etsy roundup is a little later than usual but touches on something close to my heart – the good ole, good ole, packed lunch. As a kid I never took a packed lunch to school and I loved, yes loved school dinners. (Except for quiche days and rhubarb and custard days).

I always envied the kids who would saunter in in the morning with their She-ra or *Batman lunch boxes, more for the box than it’s contents. Maybe there was also the envy of their not having to wait in line to be fed..yes I’ve always been craven. So as it is back to school time, I thought I would scour etsy for packed lunch ideas for your little tyke.

Eco sandwich wrap

Eco sandwich wrap

A rather interesting alternative to foil or cling film.. the sandwich wrap is made from cotton and can be cleaned and washed when dirty..and is oh so much prettier than foil. Priced at $7 you can pick up yours in a variety of pattersn (or custom made if you so wish), at Moja creations.

lunch tote

Lunch Tote

Oh so cute..how about a sweet little felt lunch tote instead of the typical metal or plastic lunch box? Yes, this does raise issues of ‘what if it rains’ but would it be the first time you threw practicality to the wind in place of aesthetics? Didn’t think so..Made from hemp and unbleached cotton , “This eco-friendly tote keeps plastic bags and harmful materials away from your food.”

Sounds good to me. How does $15 sound to you? Good? Here it is then!

Lunch Box Love Notes

Lunch Box Love Notes

I’m a sucker for stationery and until the other day had never even heard of lunch box love notes! How lovely are these little pep-talk notes to slip in between your dearest’s homemade ciabatta bread and brie slices?! (At least thats what MY kids would be eating..). $4 for a set is a small price to pay for a little love with your lunch.

Japanese Style Lunch Bag

Japanese Style Lunch Bag

I am in complete lust with these Japanese style wrapped lunch bags. Made from vintage fabrics, when fully opened the bag lays flat on the table to serve as a placemat. Once emptied it is collapsible and lightweight and can be easily stored in a backpack. Kewl huh? Plus the ties instead of handles just makes your kid look like a lil hipster..aww bless. I want one for myself! Little Sapling sells these goodies for $22.

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned

* I actually now do own a batman lunchbox and I keep it on display in my kitchen, without shame. Without shame.


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