Stylin’ Food Stylist: Catrine Kelty

Catrine Kelty - Cauliflower

Sometimes I wonder if our background and surroundings have a powerful influence on the way we view food – literally. Clearly it has some bearings on our discriminating palette but what about presentation? Especially if it is our vocation. Consider the work of one Catrine Kelty.

Catrine Kelty - Clafoutis Tort

Born in Paris, raised in Montreal, and currently based in Boston, Ms. Kelty’s culinary still-life work showcases foods in an inviting, accessible way. The result of her continental upbringing? Possibly, but whether it is or not, there is a certain something about it that truly appeals and makes the mouth water.

 Catrine Kelty - Grilled Figsgrilled figs… be still my heart

 Catrine Kelty - Piegood ole good ole apple pie

Catrine Kelty - CollanderI don’t even like spaghetti but this picture makes me want it..

Thanks to Liz for this post inspiration!!
all images via catrine kelty

Practical Conceptualism: Mooko Sustainable Milk

Mooko vending milk design

Sometimes I think I am too much of a design snob, then I rather snobbishly excuse my snobbery for being totally justified. Like most, I really enjoy pleasing aesthetics and I get frustrated with poorly executed design or when something looks pretty but serves little to no purpose. Maybe I am just a sucker, cos goodness knows I’ve bought many a product based on packaging design alone.

One thing I never really thought I would be lauding the design praise of is Milk, that is until I encountered Mooko. Mooko is a concept organic line of dairy products designed to tackle the sustainability issues in the dairy industry. Designed by participants from the Academy of Art Institute, their aim is to reduce the waste and pollution caused by the dairy industry while presenting the consumer with a rather niftily designed package.

mooko productsproducts include milk and printed materials explaining the benefits of sustainability

I can’t say that ‘sustainability’ is the first thing I think of when I hear the words ‘dairy industry’. That being said, I grew up at a time when the milkman dropped off your milk needs every week and picked up your washed milk bottles for reuse. However today the supermarket refrigerators are filled with rows upon rows of paper and plastic cartons.

mooko vending machinevending machine concept

Mooko’s approach is to design a reusable bottle and milk vending machine. Placed outside supermarkets the vending machines offer a spot for consumers to refill their empty milk bottles. A novel idea to reduce the impact on natural resources and to minimize waste – but will it work? If it’s implemented time will tell..In an age where ‘green’ and ‘sustainability’ are going from being mere buzzwords to being the way many are choosing to live their life, I could see this doing rather well in some cities. Maybe not everywhere, but it would be a start. I for one think its an idea that definitely deserves a trial run and for us, the consumer to welcome it into our lives with an open mind.

Now if only they vended almond milk…

all images via design ignites change

Kitchen Envy: I heart Ikea

ikea kitchen

Earlier this week I mentioned somewhere on this blog that I love Ikea, in large part because { almost } everyone has something from Ikea in their homes – and as such it makes this world seem a lot smaller, as though we live in one big village.

That being said, I haven’t always been a fan of the Ikea range of kitchens. ‘Sterile’ was the word that often came to mind when I saw them. Granted I can be accused of loving a flea market inspired vibe in the kitchen with an array of colours and objet’s but that’s just my aesthetic. So you would be right to be surprised that I squealed with delight when I came across these pictures of an Ikea kitchen / dining room via emma’s blogg. I absolutely LOVE how they have designed this space.

ikea kitchen

– The wall length picture ledges speak volumes to the photo-artist and art collector in me. I have a ridiculous amount of art and photographs knocking around my space. I believe art should be shown not stored and this idea of a clean cut way (uniformed frames and ledges) to incorporate it into the dining space is spiffy.

– Those huge brown lampshades are stellar – great lighting to show off the goods and wares at a dinner party. In of themselves they are a great features and add texture to the space.

– The wall of tiles creates a nice inclusion of yet another texture to the space. Personally I am a huge, HUGE fan of subway tiles..but the ones in the ikea kitchen and dining room fit the space well and remind me of grid paper (have I mentioned before that I am obsessed with grid paper??), so for that reason alone I ❤ it.

– In the kitchen, everything is exposed. Instead of the more common ‘open shelving’ we see in oh so many kitchens, the rail system holding pots, collanders, knives and the like is a functional feature. I for one hate rooting around in drawers and cupboard for what I need. Having them out is practical and at the same time a decorative element.

– How many colours do you see? The fact that this kitchen and space has so much ‘stuff’ out, keeping to the black, white, chrome and wood pallette prevents the space from looking cluttered.

I could actually go on and on, but that’s enough for now. Do you like this space? What do you like about it most?

images by ikea via emmas blogg

crEATe. Eating, Design and Future Food

crEATe eating, design and future food

food typography

I know this book isn’t new but that hasn’t hampered it’s ability to raise intrigue in this craven little brain of mine. crEATe investigates recent trends and visual developments in and around food. Examining the way we eat, the interiors of restaurants and the furniture of food shops, food branding and packaging and so on. It sounds above and beyond like a print version of what the craven maven blog strives to be! Have you seen or read this book? I am adding it to my wishlist for sure!

food personalities

politics of eating

Buy it here.

image via gestalten

Etsy T-T-T-Tuesday: Comfort Cooking

All this talk in my earlier post about comfort food made me seek out the tools to employ in such cooking. Therefore, this weeks etsy round up should keep you warm and snuggly.

Vintage Arabia Wartsila Finel Finland Enameled Dutch Oven Pot Pan -
Vintage Arabia Wartsila Finel Finland Enameled Dutch Oven Pot Pan

Ahh this pot is beautiful and vintage Finel Arabia to boot! I can see it now, brimming with bean stew..get it at blue flower vintage for $85.

Vintage Glasbake Soup - Casserole Bowls with Handle
Vintage Glasbake Soup – Casserole Bowls with Handle

Erm, don’t buy this because I kind of want it for myself…milk glass green and grey soup bowls. Beautiful and in near perfect condition and only $12!

Vintage Cookbook SOUPS and STEWS / Better Homes and Gardens circa 1978
Vintage Cookbook SOUPS and STEWS / Better Homes and Gardens circa 1978

I love vintage cookbooks. With their oversaturated colours and decadent well oiled dishes styled like a good old family dinner table. There is something familiar and novel about them. This one from better homes and gardens is a good year. 😉 And costs just over a fiver!

Vintage Avocado Green Winter Thermos
Vintage Avocado Green Winter Thermos

Now you’ve made your stew, how are you going to get it to the office? Simple..a good ole fashioned Thermos of course! This lovely advocado green one is only $8 at Vim Vigor Vintage.

images courtesy of the respective etsy store mentioned

Sweet Paul Issue #2 : Keeping you comforted

Sweet Paul Issue#2

Issue two of Sweet Paul Magazine has launched and its a good one. In time for the Autumnal change it’s packed with recipes that wrap you in their warm, flavour filled arms of comfort.

The magazine is young but oozes the quality and quantity of a editor with a tenacity for exceeding his vision. Well written articles, impeccably styled shots (many by Paul himself) check it out now. Below are my most favourite articles from issue #2:

Comfort Food- Ana West Butternut Squash and White Bean StewAna West Butternut Squash and White Bean Stew

Nothing says ‘wrap up be warm and well fed’ than a cast iron pot full of stew and crusty bread.

Mushroom Medley A medley of mushrooms

A variety of recipes using mushrooms you might’ve overlooked. The shocking dark backdrop adds an ominous yet luxurious mood to the article.

ApplesAn Apple A Day

Ever wonder what type of apple is best for sauces, baking or salads? Wonder no more

One Pot wondersOne Pot Wonders

There is much to be said about a dish you can make using just one pot. Especially in tiny apartment kitchens like mine. From the good ole fashioned Shepherds Pie of my youth to Maple Roasted Chicken with Apricot Jam..Paul tempts me away from my vegetarianism one pot at a time.

So those are my faves, what are yours? If you haven’t checked it out already I highly, and do I mean that earnestly, recommend you take a break from whatever you are doing, get a cuppa and enjoy each salivatory page one at a time.

all images sweet paul magazine

Creamy Cup

Creamy cup

I smell a new obsession…these gorgeous white and gold teacups that appear to melt into the saucer. Elegant, functional and convo-worthy. I want!

the creamy cup by polyhedre