Practical conceptualism: More than a coat rack

How’s this as an idea for a pot holding rack…or for those who like to cure their own meats..a great place to hang them to dry:

cloak rack by rowen wagner
rowen wagner – cloak

Ok, ok, I know it is a gross misrepresentation of what this rack was originally intended for, but I love multiple uses for an item. This fantastic concept coat rack called ‘cloak’ by Rowen Wagner is sleek and a little comical in it’s design. The solid black line for some reason reminds me of cartoons from yesteryear.

Designed to easily steer with a free axis wheel mount, the unit self-locks when rested on it’s opposite leg.

Sure you can hang a coat on it, but can you imagine it in a black and white kitchen, with a wonderful array of pots hanging from it? I can, and I think it would look quite nifty.

image from rowen wagner

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the article and compliment – never expected to see ‘cloak’ on an American food blog! Regardless, I like the idea (and counter-blogged as well)

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