Taking the outdoors in for the Autumn

Indoor garden party

It’s getting yucky out there dear readers. Everyone I’ve spoken to in every country this week has said one thing. “It’s raining.” The WORLD is raining right now. What gives?? I can’t believe it’s almost time to take the outdoors in, no more garden parties, no more picnics and back to warm snuggly comfort food.

While I don’t have room for a dinner party..if I did, I would love it to look something like the above…

1. Wood & Glass terrarium from Terrain, $188. A bit elaborate for a bread basket..but oh so fun. 2. Ash wood cutting board at Terrain, $32. This would make a super cool, rustic place mat.. 3. Olive branch serving trivet from Terrain, $18. Perfect for holding a medly of condiments or some such. 4. Corkstop Cloche from Terrain (no longer available). Since my trip abroad I’ve been addicted to sparkling water and cordials..(they served them as ‘Soda’ at Elephant & Castle)..this cloche would be perfect for a big mix of soda for the table. 5. Vintage flatware from POSH (prices vary).

6. Mushroom salt and pepper shakers, $48 from Terrain. 7. Flowers from Saipua. 8. Napkins from POSH, 4 for $20. 9. Teacup and saucer from Anthropologie. 10. Cement Planter $298, from Terrain – a great vessel to house the saipua flowers! 11. Dinner plates from Areaware, $130 for 4.

It’s kind of appropriate that most of my choices come from outdoor specialists Terrain. Who says that the outdoors has to stay there?!

images from terrain at stylers, saipua, POSH chicago and areaware.


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