Kitchen Envy: When I think that i’m over you, I’m overpowered

Ok so I totally stole the post title from a Roisin Murphy song.. I felt a little Scandinavian designed out earlier this year. Yes, I love the aesthetic, but I had looked at one too many white kitchens..sheesh..It’s so far from my own personal style and was likely something I would never do. So I quit..stopped looking at Scan design and what not.. but I just kept getting drawn back to it again and again and yes, again. It’s an overpowering attraction. Case in point:

Maklare apt

This weeks kitchen comes to you via the Alvhem estate agency …the same place that had this fabulous pad on sale a few months back. I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to that wonderfully corally red partially exposed brick lovely is that? So raw and exposed against the innocent white of the walls, floor and cabinets.

Maklare flat

While I don’t like the choice of tilework as I prefer herringbone or subway style tiles and this style makes me think of the bathroom..which in turn makes me think of poop – I do like the little recessed area that houses a vase with a solitary flower. Nice touch and detail. The stark whiteness of the cabinets also plays well off the wooden countertop and the shiny chrome appliances and fixtures. Simple, clean and pulled together. Did you notice? The molding on the cabinets don’t match!! I much prefer that of the one up top as the bottom ones look ‘harsh’ by comparison..but the white paint creates enough uniformity to make this ok.

Maklare flat

I love the glass door as it allows light from those fabulous windows to flood into the rest of the apartment and its such a pretty decorative feature. Did I mention this is an eat in kitchen? Oh yesh…I could only dream of such a concept! The kitchen is so spacious that this table isn’t on top of the cook and work surface, and stands alone in its own right with enough space for a dinner party but not a family..why?

Maklare Flat

..because this is a STUDIO SPACE! What the what yo?! It’s gorgeous, and spacious..and with a kitchen quite literally the size of half the apartment. Sheesh, this is the way to do a studio, after all the kitchen is the heart and soul of a place no? Everything feels so big, uncluttered and relaxing. A great place for the mind and the soul. Oh Stockholm, I hope I don’t ever think that I am over you again..

all images from alvhem


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