Why do you write a food blog?

crepe spread

One question I’ve come up against over and over again lately is the one stated above. It’s a valid question – there are a million things that a person could right about and with my ADD for all things creative there really are a wealth of things I could blog about. Fashion, technology, sci fi, photography, trends, furniture, vintage clothing, vintage wares, current affairs and so on and so forth the list is endless. But I found myself explicably drawn to writing about food.

Food is one thing that every single person who has ever existed has in common with the other. Without it we would die, everyone has consumed it – some more than others – and it has at some point created an emotional response in everyone. Be it joy, disgust, satisfaction or longing. Very few things touches everyone like food does; it transcends gender, class, race, culture and time and yet can be defined by all of those things at the same time.

hunter gatherer cartoon

Over time our interaction with food has changed from having an active role in the hunting-gathering process to being able to acquire food with just a few clicks of a mouse. We subscribe to networks that allow us to watch people cook it, hire people to prepare it for us when we could do the same thing in our kitchen at a much more reasonable price.

It can be prepared using the most basic of tools to the more elaborate. Regardless of whether we eat animals or plants only, have it raw or seared we make a decision every day to eat or not. We all have a ‘relationship’ with food whether for good or bad.

Lets eat!Regardless of who or what we are in this world, food is the one thing that binds us together.

At various times in my life, I have sat at the table with people who don’t speak a single word of any language I speak, but our differences are swiftly melted away the minute we start to consume our meal – it’s an international language, a common understanding. It’s so so special and to write about food and anything that is related to it is a real privilege to this self confessed food nerd. I hope that with my love of so many genres of things and infusing that into what I write keeps those who read this blog inspired, entertained and hungry…in the best possible way.

images from stephanie kilgast, millsaps and fotosearch.


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  1. […] it would be divine. This picture made me dream and it made me salivate. The dinner table. Food, it draws us closer. Such a personal act of ingesting in such a public arena. Inhibitions are loosened and heartfelt […]

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