What’s cooking my *blogships?

It’s that time of the week again dear readers. The time when I look back at some of the food inspired posts and articles featured on my favourite blogs and sites from the past week..enjoy

blogroll category: Mags
blog/site name/url: lonny magazine
editor: michelle adams
post/article i loved: tory burch

I am a firm beliver that the best way to start off when it comes to decorating is to look at your wardrobe. After all we dress ourselves every day (some better than others), so where else can we refer to to get a firm idea of our sense of style? In the recent edition of lonny magazine, they have created mood boards for objets that reflect the spirit of some of our favourite stores and designers.
The objets selected for the Tory Burch mood board (pages 18-19) particularly appealed to me. Most specifically these two items above. The cheese grater light (#1) by The Conran shop features the signature ‘cheekiness’ of Conran’s products. Function with a hugh dollop of fun. I can see having it on the kitchen sideboard and thoroughly tricking my friends and fam..While the eco friendly Defiance Bottle (#2), by Terrain is an array of beautiful swarthy colours with a strong history. Created in Hungary in the 1950s and 1960s. In an act of rebellion, citizens pulled down telephone wires to cut communication within the Communist government and then used the wire to protect their wine bottles.

Sprouted Kitchen Choc chip cherry cookies

blogroll category: foodie
blog name/url: sprouted kitchen
blogger: sara

Another good one by Sara of the Sprouted Kitchen. I have been itching to make these all week, but then found out that I didn’t actually have any cherries in the house..not to fear, the pictures alone keep me satisfactorily salivating..check out the recipe here.

kitka designs

blogroll category: vintage / design housewares
blog name/url: kitka design toronto
blogger: juli & john
post i loved: Attack of the zombies (aka Reykjavik, day one)

Please welcome a new addition to my carefully curated blogroll..Kitka Designs! I came across Kitka via the blog favourite Canadian based design shop – Hindsvik, and I was highly impressed. When you get a chance carefully read through john & juli’s blog and the story about their shop – mjolk…makes me want to board a plane, train or some such and head north.

You have to check out their blog post Attack of the zombies (aka Reykjavik, day one). It features pictures from lovely Icelandic restaurants, cafes and bars as well as generous food images such as the one above. And when you get the chance take a peek into the mjolk shop…I see many inspirational treats in there that will no doubt be on a future wishlist of mine..or two.

Snappetite creator phil on copenhagen st style

blogroll category: fashiony
blog name/url: copenhagen street style
blogger: a very discerning eye on the streets of copenhagen
post i loved: Streetpeeper

Do you remember a week ago today when I mentioned the wonderous invention that is Snappetite? A food chronicle, munch log where you can post the food you eat, look at what others all over the world are eating and rate/critique/drool over it. Perfect for food voyeurs.
Snappetite creator Phil Oh (above), was snapped on the streets of Copenhagen by Copenhagen Street style last week – how dapper in gingham trousers and pink/red/white boat shoes It’s always great to see that some of your fave online people have a nifty sense of personal style! When you get a chance check out my food chronicles on snappetite (the above two pics are just a small sample of what I’ve got to show..) and sign up yourself!

*blogships is a rip on an email I got that opened with ‘ what’s cooking my friendships?’

all images from the respective blogs mentioned


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