Baby’s gotta eat in style too..

I hate walking on main streets. Mostly because at any given time I am in a city and the main street is awash with tourists who slow me down from getting where I got’s to go. (Yeah, I said it). But the other day, I found myself scurrying down Oxford St in the pouring rain. My thoughts were fixed on getting to where I needed to be and then I saw this..The Bloom loft. What the what? I totally backed up (against foot traffic no less).

Bloom Loft

The Bloom loft is a baby chair that is not only functional as a 3-in-1 piece of furniture – resting, feeding and play chair but it’s so ‘stylin’ I almost blurted out ‘Are we living in the time of the Jetsons??’

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a baby chair quite like this. It’s cocoon like shape comes in a high gloss white or black while the fabric interior is available in a wealth of shades, including metallics! But is it just a pretty piece or is it also functional?

bloom loft reclined for a newborn

It’s called the Fresco Loft as it has the ability to be elevated to counter height or high enough for a standing adult to comfortably feed the child, no bending over a piddly little baby tray! The cocoon shape works well to hold a newborn, but is big enough to seat a child weighing up to 79lbs – so you have some longevity out of it.

I can see this piece fitting into a mod home with no problems, at first I wondered if you could add it to a house with just any old aesthetic. Traditionalists might initially balk, bohemians might recoil from the lack of whimsy, but on second look the structural form is like a piece of art, not just a functional piece of furniture. It’s like having a scuplture in your space…which brings me on to price..the one I saw was priced at 320GBP..not the price of your average baby high chair, but then again, this isn’t your typical baby chair.

Check out more pictures and info a the Bloom website.

image by bloom baby


3 Responses

  1. Baby David and Joshua needs one of those! LOL. It really looks like the Jetsons! Love it!!

  2. Arrh, so much for that, this highchair is almost five hundred dollars!

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