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More than just a plate

Silence Came Plate by Lisa Grue
Silence Came Plate by Lisa Grue

I love when something is done differently and done well, when something walks the line between art and function. I am a firm believer in using ‘special things’ in the day to day. Why have that China for ‘special occasions’ when every day can be a celebration? I used to have the reputation for going to work in clothes that some might reserve for a special night out – suitably dressed down of course, it made me and others feel good and made every day just that bit more special.

Yesterday I came across these fantastically creative plates by Lisa Grue. From a project she titled, ‘Owls have more fun’. They are classic Royal Copenhagen plates, adorned with Lisa’s illustration, woven with wool and adorned with pompoms.

Lisa Grue Plates
Hell Yes and Wake Up plates by Lisa Grue

They are such a step up from the ‘typical’ illustrated plate most artists of this medium go for. The addition of wool woven around the edges and intermittent pompoms leaves you wondering just what to do with this piece. It defy’s function, or so you would think..I would have no issue with serving a canape or two on these…they are sure to be a talking point of any dinner party. The ‘fun’ of them makes me smile. Pom Poms immediately draw me back to childhood, wearing ankle socks with pompoms at the heels as well as making pom poms with my sisters. The illustrations are almost childlike and in comparison to the bright whimsy of the wools selected, are a little dark and foreboding, a nice contrast thats a little unsettling – making you question Lisa’s choices, motivation and message she is trying to portray.

Clear water plate by Lisa Grue
Clear water plate by Lisa Grue

Whether a person decides to decorate with these or use them in their day-to-day, there is no doubt that these plates are special and as such would make the day to day much more interesting and entertaining.

Plates retail from $100-$300 and can be found in the gallery hanahou shop. All images from gallery hananhou.


3 Responses

  1. Those are cute, I wouldn’t eat off the pompoms, I know I’d ruin the wool, lol. But I like the little ‘bambi’ ones. 😀

  2. yeah, i’m all for a daily dose of foreboding/whimsical design, but the tic of pragmatism in my brain keeps firing the worry of a future with mouldering pompoms.

  3. Even though there is already a heat transfer technology. I do still consider that black & white or Sepia effects as a classical design. We all know that classic arts could not be easily replaced.

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